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History of South America

Inca Empire

Inca empire is one of the ancient empires that is popular in the world for a number of reasons. Inca empire was a civilization that was incredibly prosperous and still amazes today's world with a number of architectural and cultural wonders that was a part of their colorful civilization. Inca empire or the Inca civilization originated in the South America and more precisely in the country of Peru.

But a number of other South American countries are also the proud possessors of many of the artifacts of this Inca empire.

The Inca empire of the South America was in their zenith during 1200 to 1535 AD. But this civilization could not survive the colonizers, specially the Spaniards and dissipated gradually.

But within the time that may be said to be the pick of this great civilization, Inca empire has already left a number of amazing marks for the world to be amazed with. The Inca empire was a race that was mainly a warrior class of people.

In their society the highest position was of a priest or the army general. The other people had to abide by the social rules and regulations set by them.

In the Inca empire there was a high place of their religion and gods. The highest place of a city or village used to be reserved for the temple.

Moreover, most of the Inca cities and residents were built in hilly area and still boast of amazing architectural progress.

The Inca empire with a number of distinctive features related with every aspects of life, is still a very interesting civilization to know about.

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