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South American Indians

South American Indians are present in the continent for over 5,000 years. 51 tribes and more than 30 different languages are included. Their sense of family bond and community ties are deeply rooted in their beliefs.
These joyful people have song and dances to celebrate the feasts of God or other occasions.

South American Indians are very pious people with a good knowledge of astrology and mathematics. Some of them still follow their old tradition. The "animistic" religious views of these people include the world of spirits, souls, ghosts, witches etc. Omens, dreams and talismans are considered to be important for them. They perform several rituals, each carrying their own significance. Sun, moon, serpent, jaguar are regarded as gods.

Indians in South America include many indigenous groups like:
    Mayas: They used to live in Guatemala and Mexico. Due to some unknown reason their ceremonial centers totally collapsed in 869 AC. Their pyramids are the ceremonial centers to worship God. Itzamna, the creator was the supreme God. They practiced human sacrifices.

    Toltecs: They came from Tula and moved to Mexico City. The Mayas were defeated by them. They settled at Yucatan, Mayapan and Uxmal. They were perished in 1200 AC.

    Aztecs: They came from Aztlan in the 12th century. The great Aztec Empire fall to the Spaniards after their leader Montezuma was killed. Even they have pyramids were their gods were being worshiped. Human sacrifice was practiced.

    Incas: They were the most known group of the Indians of South America. They had very rich culture. Although short lived the civilization of the Incas was the most glorious one.

South American Indians are people who respect their tradition. Some of their languages are still in use.

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