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South American Revolution

In the early nineteenth century, the South American countries had a successful mass revolution against its ruling Spanish colonists in a quest for independence. They achieved their independence after many wars and toil.
South American Revolution for independence began in 1806 when a group of volunteers led by Venezuelan revolutionary Francisco de Miranda tried to instigate the population to revolt against the Spanish rulers, though unsuccessfully. He left the country, but came back later to make another attempt at revolution, joined by other revolutionary leaders like Simon Bolivar, but was again comprehensively defeated by the Spanish forces. He was later imprisoned by the Spanish and died in captivity.

Simon Bolivar was the hero of the South American revolution. After being defeated by Spanish forces repeatedly, Bolivar found success in Colombia. During the years 1819 and 1820, Bolivar, equipped with a strong force, took away Colombia from the Spanish forces. This marked the start of the success of the South America revolution.

Bolivar's forces then marched into Venezuelan territory, where, in June 1821, his forces comprehensively defeated the Spanish colonial forces.

Ecuador and Bolivia were liberated at Bolivar's behest, by Antonio Jose de Sucre. His forces liberated Ecuador in 1822 and moved on the the small region in upper Peru which was still under colonist rule. He defeated the Spanish forces in the region, and the newly liberated country chose to call themselves Bolivia to honor Simon Bolivar.

In the southern region of South America, Jose de San Martin actively carried out South American revolutions. He made his base in Argentina, and started gathering an army. After conquering the Spanish colonist forces in Argentina, he moved on the liberate Chile and later, Peru. After liberating Peru, he had a closed doors meeting with Simon Bolivar, who took over the task thereafter.

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