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Where is Bloomington , Indiana

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Where is Bloomington , Indiana
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  Facts About Bloomington  
City Name Bloomington
ContinentNorth America
CountryUnited State
Capital and largest cityNA
Area23.36 sq mi (60.50 km2)
Population80,405 (84,067 2,015 est.)
Lat Long39°09′44″N 86°31′45″W
Official LanguageEnglish, Spoken languages - English, Spanish, other languages
Area code(s) 812 & 930
Time ZoneEST (UTC-5) Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Nearest AirportMonroe County Airport, Indianapolis International Airport
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)

Source : factfinder.census.gov

Location: Bloomington, Ind.
Latitude: 39.10N
Longitude: 86.32W
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