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Flag of Asean

ASEAN is a group of Southeast Asian countries that have come together for mutual economic and political benefit. The organization was formed in the August of 1967.

The ASEAN Flag consists of an emblem of ten paddy or rice stalks set in the middle of a red circle. The emblem is placed against a black background. The red circle is bordered by a white outline.

The paddy stalks are yellow in color.The ten stalks on the ASEAN Flag represent each of the ten members of this organization. The colors blue, yellow, red and white, all have their own significance. Blue symbolizes peace and stability. Red stands for courage. White represents purity while yellow shows prosperity.

The organization adopted its flag in 1993. The flag of ASEAN represents the founding principles of the organization.

Official Name: Association of the South East Nations
Proportion: 2:3
Headquarters: Jakarta
Member Countries: 10
Area: 2,778,124.7 square miles
Population: 601 million
Currency: 10
Language: English
National Anthem: The ASEAN way

Last Updated On : August 24th, 2017