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Flags of African Countries Western Sahara Flag Gambia Flag Senegal Flag Morocco Flag Tunisia Flag Algeria Flag Libya Flag Mauritania Flag Egypt Flag Mali Flag Niger Flag Chad Flag Sudan Flag Eritrea Flag Guinea Flag Burkina Flag Benin Flag Nigeria Flag Central African Republic Flag South Sudan Flag Ethiopia Flag Djibouti Flag Somalia Flag Liberia Flag Ghana Flag Togo Flag Cameroon Flag Gabon Flag Sao Tome Principe Flag Flag of Democratic Republic of Congo Uganda Flag Kenya Flag Rwanda Flag Tanzania Flag Burundi Flag Republic of Congo Flag Angola Flag Zambia Flag Malawi Flag Comoros Flag Flag of Madagascar Mauritius Flag Mozambique Flag eSwatini (Swaziland) Flag Lesotho Flag South Africa Flag Namibia Flag Botswana Flag Flag of Equatorial Guinea Sierra Leon Flag Guinea Bissau Flag Cape Verde Flag
Description : Map depicts flags of African Countries. Disclaimer

Africa is the second largest continent on Earth, with an area of about 30,221,532 square miles (11,668,599 square miles), and covering over 20 percent of the Earth's land area. Africa is made up of 54 independent countries, as well as 9 territories and a few de facto states. About 1 billion people live on the African continent.

Each of the countries of Africa has its own national flag. Many flags of African countries use colors referred to as Pan-African colors, which can be any combination of the following colors: red, green, gold (or yellow), and black. This color combination has been used in Africa for many years, and was probably taken from the Ethiopian flag.

While not every African nation has a flag that uses Pan-African colors, the majority do. Some of the nations that do not use Pan African colors include Cape Verde, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, and Somalia.


Last Updated On : February 25, 2020

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