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Flags of European Countries Iceland Flag Norway Flag Denmark Flag Denmark Flag SWEDEN Finland Flag Estonia Flag Latvia Flag Lithuania Flag Belarus Flag Poland Flag Monaco Flag Andorra Flag Spain Flag Portugal Flag France Flag Belgium Flag Netherlands Flag Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg Flag France Flag Germany Flag Vatican City Flag San Marino Flag San Marino Vatican City Flag Liechtenstein Flag Switzerland Flag Italy Flag Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic Flag Slovakia Flag Slovakia Flag Austria Flag Austria Flag Turkey Flag Albania Flag Macedonia Flag Kosovo Flag Montenegro Flag Montenegro Flag Bosnia Herzegovina Flag Serbia Flag Serbia Flag Croatia Flag Croatia Flag Kosovo Flag Macedonia Flag Bosnia Herzegovina Slovenia Flag Hungary Flag Liechtenstein Flag Switzerland Flag Slovenia Hungary Flag Albania Flag Turkey Flag Malta Flag Cyprus Flag Greece Flag Bulgaria Flag Romania Flag Moldova Flag Ukraine Flag Russian Flag Ireland Flag United Kingdom Flag FLAGS OF NORTH AMERICA FLAGS OF ASIA FLAGS OF AFRICA FLAGS OF AFRICA
Description : Map showing national flags of European countries. Disclaimer

In terms of area, Europe is the second smallest continent in the world after Australia.
Following Asia and Africa, it is the third most populated continent in the world. The continent is home to about 11% of the whole population of the world.

The Arctic Ocean and other bodies of water edge Europe to the north, the Mediterranean sea bounds it to the south, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the Black Sea together with other water bodies in the southeast. The European continent contains 50 sovereign nations.

Russia is the biggest country in Europe. The continent is regarded as the source of the Western Culture. The various countries of the continent are known for their role as prominent settlers. The flags of Europe signify the political and cultural diversity of all the nations that make up the continent.

Area 3,930,000 sq miles
Population 731,000,000
Total No. of Countries 50
Time Zones UTC to UTC+5 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Last Updated On : February 22, 2020

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