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Venezuela Flag

Flag of Venezuela

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Flag of Venezuela Description
The flag of Venezuela features three horizontal stripes equal in size and representing the
three main colors of the flag of Gran Colombia, yellow, blue and red from top to bottom. Gran Colombia was a republic in the South America which broke in 1830.

It also features a coat of arm in the upper-left corner at the hoist side and an arc of eight stars at the center representing the provinces of Venezuela. The original flag had seven stars and the eighth star was added in 2006 to represent the province of Guayana.

The colors yellow, blue and red stand for the land's richness, courage and blood shed for the independence respectively.

National symbol(s):troupial (bird)

National colors: yellow, blue, red

National anthem:
name: "Gloria al bravo pueblo" (Glory to the Brave People)
lyrics/music: Vicente SALIAS/Juan Jose LANDAETA

Fact about Venezuela flag

Designed byNA
Adopted12. March 2006
Design and ColorsA horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue and red with an arc of eight white five-pointed stars centered in the blue band.
Size Ratio2:3

Last Updated On : August 29th, 2017