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Arab League Flag

The Arab League Flag represents the Arab League , an organization of Arab States that has its headquarters at Cairo, Egypt.
Arab League Flag

Flag of Arab League

The Arab League Flag is a green-colored banner that bears the seal or symbol of the League of Arab States. The green flag of the Arab League has a circle made up of a chain with twenty links.

The twenty links in the chain stands for each of the twenty members who formed the Arab League.

At its center there are images of a crescent moon with horns pointed upwards and a white inscription above it. All around the circular chain there is a white wreath with a ribbon at the base.

The flag of the Arab League has a green field and the seal of the League of Arab states in the center. There is a wreath around the seal that is representative of the twenty founding members of the League.

The Arab League was formed to promote economic, political, social and cultural co-operation among the members.

Official Name: League of Arab States
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted on: March 8, 1945
Headquarters: Cairo
Area: 5,148,048 square miles
Population: 349,870,608
Language: Arabic
Currency: 21 different currencies of each member state

Last Updated On : August 24th, 2017