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Antarctica Flag

Antarctica does not have any official flag because it is not administered by any single authority.

Antarctica Flag

Flag of Antarctica

There is no official flag of Antarctica since it is not a country nor governed by any authority.

In 2002, a flag was approved by the Antarctic Treaty Organization and is being used as an informal ensign of the continent. Many other designs for the flag have been suggested and are currently under consideration.

The designs suggested by Whitney Smith and Graham Bartram are the most eminent designs.

The Graham Bartram design uses the flag of the United Nations as its base pattern. It is a simple white map of Antarctica on a blue setting. The map essentially represents the continent's nonaligned status.

The Graham Bertram Flag was first hoisted on the continent in 2002. When he planned the ensign, Bertram was cognizant of the converging territorial demands of Chile, the United Kingdom, and Argentina. This version is probably the most famous design for the continent, proven by its wide presence on the web.

On the other hand, the Whitney Smith design applies the orange color as the setting for the flag because of the high visibility factor. This unique symbol comprises many constituents. "A" represents Antarctica and the lower part of the earth symbolizes the continent's position on the planet. At the same time, two hands gripping the lower portion of the globe symbolize a nonviolent human role. The white shade of the symbol stands for the ice and snow of the continent. However, there are very few instances where this design has been used.

Official Name: Antarctica
Area: 5,400,000 square miles
Languages: English, French, Norwegian, Spanish

Facts about Antarctica flag

Designed byGraham Bartram ,Whitney Smith
Design and ColorsNA
Size RatioNA

Last Updated On : August 24th, 2017