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Venezuela History

Venezuela History is one of the most mesmerizing histories of the world. It is a land with tropical forests, beaches and gentle grassland of the Ilanos. Carib, Arawak and the Chibcha group inhabited the land.
Among them Chibcha was the most advanced group.

Venezuela History records that Christopher Columbus was the first European to come to Venezuela in 1498 during his third voyage. More explorers followed him. The country got its name from one of them, Alonso de Ojeda. The Spanish established their first settlement, Nueva Cadiz, a year later. This was later destroyed in tsunami.

Colonization in Venezuela was not much strong in the first half. Spain was indifferent to it. But the whole scenario changed when massive oil reserve was discovered. It has been quite a outpost on the edge of Spanish empire. But the man who later turned the empire on his head on his head was born here. He was Simon Bolivar. With the help of British mercenaries he did the task of liberating Colombia in 1819, Venezuela in 1821 and Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in 1825.

According to the History of Venezuela independence did not prove easy for the newly formed nation. Into the next century the country watched many civil strife, wars and dictatorship. In 1840 some border disputes with the British colony Guyana started which is an existing phenomenon even today.

Venezuela's History reveals that by 1900s the country gained economic stability with the discovery of oil reserve and was beginning to reap the benefit by the 20s. But the ruling class captured most of the wealth until 1947 when a revolt took place under the leadership of Romulo Betancourt. Romulo Gallegos became the first president the same year. But many riots followed. The rough Venezuela History makes its future uncertain.
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