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Guatemala Geography

Guatemala in Central America is surrounded by Belize, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. The history of Guatemala speaks of constant wars, conflicts, and bloodshed commencing from the ancient
Mayan Civilization till date. After a long history of a series of invasions, Guatemala earned freedom in 1839.

Languages of Guatemala:
A wide variety of language variations can be witnessed in Guatemala. However, Spanish serves as the most important language in Guatemala. The other languages such as Cakchiquel, Xinca, Kekchi, and Garifuna are substantially spoken in Guatemala.

Currency, Population and Total Area Coverage of Guatemala:
The Guatemalan currency is termed as Quetzal. Guatemala displays an impressive figure of estimated 12,293,545 people. The total area coverage taking into account the land as well as the water bodies is 108,890 sq km.

Different Races of Guatemala:
Guatemala shows a heterogeneous trend with regard to racial communities. Guatemala shows a unique mixture of the two races the native American Indians and the Spanish which has resulted in the creation of a new race, which inherit all the significant qualities of both the races. The heterogeneous trend is also highlighted by the existence of the other minority races as the Kaqchikel, Q'eqchi, a number of more diverse Mayan races as well as non Mayan and foreign ethnic groups also. The different European races also contribute to its population.

Religions of Guatemala:
Taking in consideration the existence of diverse ethnic communities, it can be said that the Guatemalans follow varied religions. Though Christianity is followed by the majority of people, in both the Roman Catholic and Protestant forms, the remnants of native Mayan as well as foreign religions are also followed in Guatemala.

Attractions of Guatemala:
The main attractions of the country are the beautiful highlands, the splendid Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and the thrilling jungles in the lowlands.

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