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Paraguay Latitude and Longitude Mapp

Paraguay's latitude and longitude is 23° 00' S and 58° 00' W. Below is the map of Paraguay showing major towns, roads, airports with latitudes and longitudes plotted on it.

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Paraguay Latitude and Longitude Map
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Description :  Find Paraguay latitude and longitude map showing comprehensive details including cities, roads, towns, airports and much more. Disclaimer

Paraguay is located within the latitude and longitude of 23°00 S, 58°00 W. Paraguay is located in the southern hemisphere.

It is situated in central South America, and surrounded by Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil. The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion. The latitude and longitude of Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay is 25°16' S, 57°40 W. Paraguay is 1hour ahead of Washington, DC in Standard Time.

The latitude and longitude of Paraguay includes 406,750 sq km of total land area.The climate within this latitude and longitude of Paraguay is sub-tropical to temperate in nature. Substantial rainfall occurs in the eastern part of the region through out the year; on the other hand, the far west is becoming dry day by day. The landscape within this latitude and longitude of Paraguay includes grassy plains and wooded hill region in the east of Rio Paraguay, Gran Chaco region in the west of Rio Paraguay which is mostly a low land, and muddy plain region near the river.

  • Locations Latitude Longitude
    Abai 25°58'S 55°54'W
    Aguaray Guazu 24°47'S 'W
    Alberdi 26°14'S 58°20'W
    Alto Paraguav 21°00'S 58°30'W
    Alto Parana 25°30'S 54°50'W
    Amambay 23°00'S 56°00'W
    Antequera 24°08'S 57°07'W
    Asuncion 25°10'S 57°30'W
    Ayolas 27°10'S 56°59'W
    Bahia Negra 20°05'S 58°05'W
    Belen 23°30'S 57°06'W
    Benjamin Aceval 24°58'S 57°34'W
    Caacupe 25°23'S 57°05'W
    Caazapa 26°08'S 56°19'W
    Canindeyu 24°10'S 55°00'W
    Carmen 27°13'S 56°12'W
    Chaco 26°00'S 60°00'W
    Ciudad del Este 25°30'S 54°50'W
    Concepcion 23°22'S 57°26'W
    Confuso 25°09'S 57°34'W
    CoronelBogado 27°11'S 56°18'W
    Coronel Oviedo 25°24'S 56°30'W
    Curuguaty 24°31'S 55°42'W
    Encarnacion 27°15'S 55°50'W
    Fuerte Olimpo 21°00'S 57°51'W
    General Artigas 26°52'S 56°16'W
    Guaira 25°45'S 56°30'W
    Hernandarias 25°20'S 54°40'W
    Horqueta 23°15'S 56°55'W
    Humaita 27°02'S 58°31'W
    Igatimi 24°05'S 55°40'W
  • Locations Latitude Longitude
    Irala 25°55'S 54°35'W
    Ita 25°29'S 57°21'W
    Itapua 26°40'S 55°40'W
    La Esmeralda 22°16'S 62°33'W
    Luque 25°19'S 57°25'W
    Mariscal Estigarribia 22°03'S 60°40'W
    Misiones 27°0'S 56°0'W
    Monte Londo 23°56'S 57°12'W
    Neembucu 27°0'S 58°0'W
    Nueva Asuncion 21°0'S 61°0'W
    Paraguari 25°36'S 57°0'W
    Paraguari 26°0'S 57°10'W
    paraguay 27°18'S 58°38'W
    Pedro Juan Caballero 22°30'S 55°40'W
    Pilar 26°50'S 58°20'W
    Pilcomayo 25°21'S 57°42'W
    Piribebuy 25°26'S 57°02'W
    Pozo Colorado 23°30'S 58°45'W
    Presidente Hayes 24°0'S 59°0'W
    Puerto Pinasco 22°36'S 57°50'W
    Puerto Sastre 22°02'S 57°55'W
    Quiindy 25°58'S 57°14'W
    Rosario 24°30'S 57°35'W
    San Lorenzo 25°20'S 57°32'W
    San Pedro 24°0'S 57°0'W
    San Pedro Martir Sierra 26°43'S 56°13'W
    Tebicuary 26°36'S 58°16'W
    Villa Hayes 25°5'S 57°20'W
    Yhati 25°45'N 56°35'W
    Yhu 25°0'S 56°0'W
    Ypane 23°29'S 57°19'W

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