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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - October 26, 2012

Romney raised $111.8 million in first half of October

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney raised $111.8 million from October 1 to 17, his campaign revealed on Thursday.

Romney's strong performance in the first debate with President Barack Obama on October 3 led to a noticeable increase in the donations.

The two candidates have been locked in a tight race since then.

As of the end of October 17, Romney, the Republican National Committee and state parties had $169 million left in cash on hand.

"There are less than two weeks left, but we still have much hard work to do to ensure that Mitt Romney and (running mate) Paul Ryan win in November and bring real change to Washington," said Spencer Zwick, Romney's national financial chairman.

The 2012 election is set to become the most expensive race in American history on the back of spending on advertising and unlimited-funding outside groups.

According to the Romney campaign, just under 92 percent of all donations in the first half of October were $250 or less.

The team raised $38.2 million through donations under $250.

The Obama campaign has not yet released its October total.

Obama and his Democratic allies in September raised $181 million, while Romney and the Republicans raised $170.5 million.