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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 21, 2012

Not getting immigration reform was "biggest failure", says Obama

President Barack Obama described his inability to amend U.S. immigration laws as the biggest shortcoming of his first four years in office, as he spoke to Hispanic voters on Thursday.

Obama went ton to blame Republican lawmakers for standing in the way.

"As you remind me, my biggest failure so far is we haven't gotten comprehensive immigration reform done," Obama said in an interview with Univision, the Spanish-language television network.

"But it's not for lack trying or desire," he added. "Obviously the fact that we haven't been able to change the tone in Washington is disappointing."

Obama was being questioned as to why he had not lived up to a pledge made in his 2008 presidential campaign to pass immigration reforms.

"At the beginning of your government, you had control of both chambers of Congress, and yet you did not introduce immigration reform," news anchor Jorge Ramos told the president. "I want for you to acknowledge that you did not keep your promise."

The president replied by saying the country’s economic health had been his priority in his first year in office, adding that efforts to lay the foundation for immigration legislation had stalled because of Republican indifference.

Immigration has been key point in Obama's battle against his Republican rival Mitt Romney ahead of the general elections on November 6.