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Guatemala Population

Guatemala population is comprised of many other races along the native Guatemala people. The races that are most prominent among the Guatemala population are Mestizos, Europeans,
American-Indians, Mayan people and some other races. The Mestizos and the Europeans together make up for the largest portion of the Guatemala population. They are of almost 59.4%. The second largest group in the Guatemala population is of the American-Indians. They comprise almost 40.5% of the total Guatemala population. The Mayan people consists almost 8.9% of the total Guatemala population and the native Guatemala people are of only 0.2%.

The religious ethnicity of the Guatemala population is Roman catholicism. But other religious groups like the Protestants and people of Maya religion are also a part of the total Guatemala population. The most of the people in Guatemala belongs to the rural culture. But urbanization is progressing very fast in Guatemala. The language among the Guatemala population that is mostly used is the language used by the ancient Maya people known as the Kwiche. But Spanish is the official language among the people of Guatemala.

According to a reading in the year 2003, the population of Guatemala is almost 12,347,000. This population makes Guatemala stand in the 63rd position among other nations in the whole world. The age structure in the Guatemala population shows that almost 44% was under the age of fifteen and 4% over 65 years of age. The growth rate according to the study of the UN was 2.55% in between 2000 to 2005.
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