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Where is Astoria , Oregon

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Where is Astoria , Oregon
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Location: Astoria
Latitude: 46.11N
Longitude: 123.50W

The city of Astoria is the county seat of Clatsop County, in the State of Oregon, USA. Located near the mouth of the Columbia River, this is the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies.

The place was first visited by Captain Robert Gray in 1792, and later by the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery in 1805. Soon after, a number of explorers and adventurers visited this land to explore as well as to add to its rich history. Located within a radius of 20 miles, Astoria city contains a number of exciting attractions including Fort Stevens State Park, Fort Astoria, Heritage Center Museum, Flavel House Museum, Uppertown Fire Fighters Museum, Astoria Column, and the Columbia River Maritime Museum. The Columbia River Maritime Museum contains an exquisite range of display of the nation's finest model ships and nautical artifacts. The Uppertown Firefighters Museum is full of fire fighting memorabilia from 1877 to 1963. The collection includes motorized, hand-pulled and horse-drawn fire engines, as well as a large photographic collection of some of Astoria's spectacular fires.

One should plan at least a weeklong Astoria vacation to visit all the exciting locales of the city. Also make a visit to the historic Astoria homes dating to the Victorian period and see the beautiful 4.1-mile long Astoria Bridge. Cruise ships, fishing charters, etc. are an essential part of Astoria travel, adding an element of fun and excitement to the tours. The city celebrates its Scandinavian heritage with the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival, held in mid-June. Local Icelanders, Finns, Danes, Norwegians and Swedes come together for celebration. The festival also features authentic Scandinavian musicians, ethnic entertainment, dances, crafts, etc. Astoria hotels like, the Benjamin Young Inn, Rose River Inn, Astoria's Hotel Elliot, Columbia Inn, etc. provide good lodging facilities to travelers.

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