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Airports in Eritrea

Airport Name Airport Code City

Eritrea Airports Map

Eritrea Airports Map Massawa International Airport Tessenei Airport Yohannes IV Airport Assab International Airport SUDAN AIRPORTS ETHIOPIA AIRPORTS DJIBOUTI AIRPORTS SAUDI ARABIA AIRPORTS YEMEN AIRPORTS
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  List of Airports in Eritrea  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Asmara ASMYohannes IV Airport
Tessenei TESTessenei Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Assab ASAAssab International Airport
Massawa MSWMassawa International Airport

Flights to Eritrea
Flights to Eritrea are managed by the many national and international airlines that function from the various airports of Eritrea. Like most African countries the flight infrastructure is not fully developed. Yet the progress in Eritrea is commendable and relatively better than in most other developing countries of Africa. The Flights to Eritrea though limited, do not compromise on the quality of service that they provide. Passengers are guaranteed satisfaction and safety, whichever flight they prefer to choose. Presently, the European cities connected to Eritrea by flights are Rome, Milan, Nairobi, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Regular flights are fixed from these cities to Eritrea and also from Eritrea to these cities.
A major problem with the aviation industry in Africa is that not all-important African cities are interconnected by airways. Hence passengers are forced to travel to some European countries to take flights to the desired cities. The Eritrean Airlines is planning a solution to this problem by increasing the number of trans African flights to and from Eritrea. Presently the flights to Eritrea ferry passengers from the African cities of Nairobi and Khortam.

The Flights to Eritrea can be booked on line and this gives clients special discounts. Also, cheap flights to Eritrea are availed on special occasions but this does not mean compromising on the quality of service.

Eritrea Airline
Eritrea Airlines is among the chief airlines that are functional in Eritrea, the other two being the Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Dallo Airlines. Airlines are the chief mode of transportation to Eritrea from overseas countries. There are three international airports, the Asmara Airport, the Massawa International Airport and the Assab International Airport. The Eritrean Airlines, though ordinary when compared to other international airlines, is a big achievement for the Eritrean people. The Eritrean Airlines has been doing a laudable job.

The service of the Eritrea Airlines has set an example for all other Airlines, serving in the African continent as well as those outside. The service provided by the Eritrea Airlines when East African Air Safari was banned is an example of their sincere dedication and professionalism. The passengers who got stranded in Mombasa, Rome and Nairobi were rescued by this airline. Till today, the trans African airways are not entirely developed and traveling by air from one country to another might mean making a break journey via some European country. To cut down on this additional cost and time of clients, the Eritrea Airlines is working hard towards growing in the variety of air routes and number of flights.
Eritrea Air Travel is by the far the best means of travel to the country from foreign countries. Though the air travel facility is in its nascent state of development, it has already made an international mark in serving passengers in the time of emergency. There are three airports that operate from the three most important cities of Eritrea. These are the Asmara International Airport, the Assab international airport and the Massawa International Airport. The Massawa is the latest among the airports and is in charge of the few domestic air routes in Eritrea. The regional flights of Eritrea also ferry passengers to Khortam and Nairobi.

Though presently, the trans African routes are not fully developed, talks are on for the same. Once developed, it would be a milestone in the aviation history of Africa, as very few African countries provide air travel to the important African cities. The international cities, which are now connected to Eritrea by air route, are Milan, Rome, Nairobi, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

The Eritrea Airlines is the leading among all the airlines operational from Eritrean airports. The others are Dallo Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Nasair, Lufthansa, Egypt Air, Ethiopian, Yemenia and the British Airways. Eritrea airtravel is the most preferred means of transport to the country.

Last Updated Date: May 27, 2017

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