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Eritrea Map with Cities

by Vishal Kumar

The map shows Eritrea's major cities, towns, the capital city, and country boundary. Here you can find the accurate locations of the cities.

Eritrea Map with Cities


Assab is divided into three different parts. These parts are known as Assab Seghir, Assab Kebei, and Campo Sudan. Salt is found in abundance around Assab. The hotels found in Assab are Assab Pension, Kebal International, and Zeray Deres Hotel.

Massawa is a port situated on the Red Sea. It is an important home to docks and naval bases and a connector to Green Island and Dahlak Islands.

The capital of Eritrea is Asmara, which has a population of 563,930. The city was formed some 700 years back. The city has pleasant weather conditions, clean streets, and palm trees that line the sides. The architecture of the city reveals that it had once been colonized. Tourists visiting Asmara will find a few hotels like Albergo Italia and Inter-continental hotel for their comfortable staying. The main places of attractions are the Cathedra of Asmara and the al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque.

Keren has a population of 120 000, mostly comprised of Muslims. Tourists in Keren can visit the Monument of liberation, the Grand Mosque, and the Debra Sina Monastery.

Exploring Eritrea Cities is a fun-filled experience.

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