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Airports in Gabon

Libreville Leon M'ba International Airport (LBV), located in Libreville is the main airport in Gabon. Other important airports are Moanda Airport and Port Gentil International Airport.

Airport Name Airport Code City

Gabon Airports Map

Airport Map of Gabon Libreville Airport Port Gentil Airport Omboue Airport Lambarene Airport Ndjole Airport Booue Airport Mitzic Airport Makokou Airport Mekambo Airport Okondja Airport Lastourville Airport Gamba Airport Mouila Airport Mbigou Airport Mayoumba Airport Tchibanga Airport Moabi Airport Ndende Airport Moanda Airport Franceville Mvengue Airport Koulamoutou EQUATORIAL GUINEA AIRPORT CAMEROON AIRPORTS REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO AIRPORTS
Description: This map shows international and domestic airports in Gabon. Disclaimer

  List of Airports in Gabon  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Manega MGOManega Airport
Nkan NKANkan Airport
Fougamou FOUFougamou Airport
Tchibanga TCHTchibanga Airport
Mouila MJLMouila Airport
Lambarene LBQLambarene Airport
Wagny WGYWagny Airport
Booue BGBBooue Airport
Lastourville LTLLastourville Airport
Wora Na Ye WNEWora Na Ye Airport
Akieni AKEAkieni Airport
Port Gentil POGPort Gentil Airport
Mayoumba MYBMayoumba Airport
Miele Mimbale GIMMiele Mimbale Airport
Minvoul MVXMinvoul Airport
Mitzic MZCMitzic Airport
Okondja OKNOkondja Airport
Alowe AWEAlowe Airport
Omboue OMBOmboue Airport
Mevang MVGMevang Airport
Sette Cama ZKMSette Cama Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Mekambo MKBMekambo Airport
Koulamoutou KOUKoulamoutou Airport
Biawonque BAWBiawonque Airport
Moabi MGXMoabi Airport
Moanda MFFMoanda Airport
Bitam BMMBitam Airport
Kongoboumba GKOKongoboumba Airport
Oyem OYEOyem Airport
Bongo BGPBongo Airport
Makokou MKUMakokou Airport
Gamba GAXGamba Airport
Leconi LEOLeconi Airport
Franceville MVBFranceville Mvengue Airport
Libreville LBVLibreville Airport
Ouanga OUUOuanga Airport
Owendo OWEOwendo Airport
Mbigou MBCMbigou Airport
Medouneu MDVMedouneu Airport
Iguela IGEIguela Airport
Mandji KMDMandji Airport

Last Updated Date: May 27, 2017