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Political Map of Eritrea

Political Map of Eritrea SUDAN ETHIOPIA Djibiuti YEMEN SAUDI ARABIA Asmara City Massawa City Assab City Nefasit City Keren City Barentu City
Description: Eritrea Political map showing the international boundary, regions boundaries with their capitals and national capital.

Eritrea political map provides detailed information on important cities, locations, states and the state capitals of Eritrea. This country is located between Sudan and Djibouti. Asmera is the capital city of Eritrea. Some of the important cities include Nakfa, Barentu, Adi Keyih, Aseb and Teseney.

Eritrea Location
Eritrea is a country that is located in eastern Africa between Sudan and Djibouti. It forms border with Red Sea. Located on the geographical coordinates of 15° North latitude and 39° East longitude, it covers an area of about 121,320 sq km. Eritrea political map helps to identify the important locations and cities of Eritrea.

Border Countries
Eritrea is bordered by Sudan on the western side, Djibouti on the southern side and Ethiopia on the southwestern side. These border countries are clickable on the Eritrea political map that leads the browser to the map of that particular country.

States of Eritrea
There are 9 states in the country of Eritrea. They are highlighted with dark black on the Printable Map of Eritrea. The different states of Eritrea are given below:
  • Sahil
  • Akordat
  • Keren
  • Mitsiwa
  • Hamasen
  • Gashenasetit
  • Seraye
  • Akolguzay
  • Aseb
Cities of Eritrea Cities of Eritrea
The cities of Eritrea can be identified on the Eritrea Map by the black dots put beside them. The cities of this country are Kerora, Nakfa, Keren, Akordat, Zula, Teseney, Barentu, Om Hajer, Adi Ugr, Dekemhare, Adi Keyih, Mersa Fatma, Beylul and Aseb.

Asmera, the capital city
The national capital of Eritrea is Asmera. A red square on the World Map Eritrea makes it easily identifiable. It is situated on the latitude of 15° 19' 60" North and longitude of 38° 55' 60" East. The city lies at an altitude of 2363 meters above sea level. Asmara International and Massawa International are the nearest airports to Asmera. Some of the nearby places include Godaif, Segdo, Adi Nifas, Ts'elot, Hinzi and Ad Abeito.

RegionCapitalPopulationArea(km.²)Old provinces
Anseba Keren400,84623,200Barka, Senhit
Debub Mendefera702,5028,000Akele Guzai, Seraye
Debubawi Keyih BahriAssab189,62727,600Denkalia
Gash Barka Barentu515,66733,200Barka, Gash-Setit, Seraye
Maekel Asmara502,3001,300Asmara, Hamasien
Semenawi Keyih BahriMassawa392,65327,800Akele Guzai, Denkalia, Sahel, Semhar

Akele Guzai8,400Adi K'eyih (Adi Caieh, Adi Qayeh)
Asmara200Asmara (Asmera, Asmra)
Barka27,800Ak'ordat (Agordat)
Denkalia24,300Assab (Aseb, Asseb)
Hamasien2,700Asmara (Asmera, Asmra)
Semhar6,300Massawa (Massaua, Mesewa, Mits'iwa)
Senhit5,900Keren (Karen)
Seraye6,800Mendefera (Mendeferas)
10 provinces117,400

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