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Airports in Mozambique

Maputo International Airport (MPM), located in the capital of Mozambique Maputo, is the largest airport in the country.
Airport Name Airport Code City

Mozambique Airports Map

Mozambique Airport Map Mueda Airport Lichinga Airport Porto Amelia Airport Nacala Airport Nampula Airport Angoche Airport Pebane Airport Quelimane Airport Inhaminga Airport Chimoio Airport Beira Airport Vilanculos Airport Inhambane Airport Xai Xai Airport Maputo International Airport SWAZILAND AIRPORTS BOTSWANA AIRPORTS ZIMBABWE AIRPORTS SOUTH AFRICA AIRPORTS ZAMBIA AIRPORTS MALAWI AIRPORTS TANZANIA AIRPORTS
Description: This map locates major airports in Mozambique. Disclaimer

  List of Airports in Mozambique  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Mueda MUDMueda Airport
Moma MMWMoma Airport
Tete TETMatundo Airport
Gurue VJQGurue Airport
Bazaruto Island BZBBazaruto Island Airport
Beira BEWBeira Airport
Benguera Island BCWBenguera Island Airport
Tete TCVTete Airport
Magaruque MFWMagaruque Airport
Palma LMZPalma Airport
Chimoio VPYChimoio Airport
Maputo MPMMaputo International Airport
Angoche ANOAngoche Airport
Marromeu RRMMarromeu Airport
Ponta de Ouro PDDPonta de Ouro Airport
Vilanculos VNXVilanculos Airport
Pebane PEBPebane Airport
Maganja Da Costa MJSMaganja Da Costa Airport
Indigo Bay Lodge IBLIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
Cuamba FXOCuamba Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Ibo IBOIbo Airport
Xai Xai VJBXai Xai Airport
Lichinga VXCLichinga Airport
Inhambane INHInhambane Airport
Alto Molocue AMEAlto Molocue Airport
Chinde INEChinde Airport
Inhaca IHCInhaca Airport
Bajone BJNBajone Airport
Ila Da Chilonzuene IDCIla Da Chilonzuene Airport
Quelimane UELQuelimane Airport
Caia CMZCaia Airport
Santa Carolina NTCSanta Carolina Airport
Chokwe TGSChokwe Airport
Mocimboa Praia MZBMocimboa Praia Airport
Dugong DGKDugong Airport
Pemba POLPorto Amelia Airport
Inhaminga IMGInhaminga Airport
Lumbo LFBLumbo Airport
Luabo LBMLuabo Airport
Montepuez MTUMontepuez Airport

Last Updated Date: June 01, 2017