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Airports in Democratic Republic of Congo, Airports Map of DRC

N'Djili International Airport (FIH), located in capital city of Kinshasa is the largest international airport of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Other major airports are Lubumbashi International Airport and Goma International Airport.

Airport Name Airport Code City

Zaire Airports Map

Zaire Airport Map Gemena Airport Bumba Airport Buta Airport Matari Airport Bunia Airport Beni Airport Kisangani Airport Mbandaka Airport Boende Airport Ikela Airport Kindu Airport Kalemie Airport Kabalo Airport Mbuji Mayi Airport Bandundu Airport Kananga Airport Tshikapa Airport Kikwit Airport Ndjili International Airport Matadi Airport Boma Airport Kamina Airport Kolwezi Airport Luano Airport SUDAN AIRPORTS UGANDA AIRPORTS RWANDA AIRPORTS BURUNDI AIRPORTS TANZANIA AIRPORTS ZAMBIA AIRPORTS ANGOLA AIRPORTS CONGO AIRPORTS GABON AIRPORTS CAMEROON AIRPORTS CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC AIRPORTS
Description: This map locates major international and domestic airports in Democratic Republic of Congo. Disclaimer

  List of Airports in Zaire  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Bukavu BKYKavumu Airport
Kalima KLYKalima Airport
Kolwezi KWZKolwezi Airport
Ilebo PFRIlebo Airport
Lisala LIQLisala Airport
Gbadolite BDTGbadolite Airport
Lusanga LUSLusanga Airport
Luozi LZILuozi Airport
Kisangani FKIKisangani Airport
Mbuji Mayi MJMMbuji Mayi Airport
Idiofa IDFIdiofa Airport
Moanda MNBMoanda Airport
Mbandaka MDKMbandaka Airport
Lusambo LBOLusambo Airport
Kindu KNDKindu Airport
Basongo BANBasongo Airport
Mweka MEWMweka Airport
Kongolo KOOKongolo Airport
Kananga KGAKananga Airport
Kiri KRZKiri Airport
Basankusu BSUBasankusu Airport
Nkolo NKLNkolo Airport
Luiza LZALuiza Airport
Kaniama KNMKaniama Airport
Kilwa KILKilwa Airport
Gandajika GDJGandajika Airport
Gemena GMAGemena Airport
Yangambi YANYangambi Airport
Masi Manimba MSMMasi Manimba Airport
Buta BZUButa Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Lodja LJALodja Airport
Manono MNOManono Airport
Kasenga KECKasenga Airport
Pweto PWOPweto Airport
Kota Koli KLIKota Koli Airport
Boma BOABoma Airport
Punia PUNPunia Airport
Kabalo KBOKabalo Airport
Kikwit KKWKikwit Airport
Libenge LIELibenge Airport
Kinshasa FIHNdjili International Airport
Kamina KMNKamina Airport
Bunia BUXBunia Airport
Isiro IRPMatari Airport
Matadi MATMatadi Airport
Ikela IKLIkela Airport
Lubumbashi FBMLuano Airport
Bumba BMBBumba Airport
Kalemie FMIKalemie Airport
Boende BNBBoende Airport
Inongo INOInongo Airport
Beni BNCBeni Airport
Kabinda KBNKabinda Airport
Kapanga KAPKapanga Airport
Goma GOMGoma Airport
Nioki NIONioki Airport
Bandundu FDUBandundu Airport
Tshikapa TSHTshikapa Airport
Moba BDVMoba Airport
Kasongo Lunda KGNKasongo Lunda Airport

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Last Updated : June 28, 2019

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