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Travelers as well as geographers, astronomers and other professionals find Latitude and Longitude map very useful as it helps in determining the exact geographical location, topography, climate, and time zone of a particular place on the Earth.The two most significant concepts related to latitudes and longitudes (meridians) are Local time (LT) and Universal time (UT). Find Latitude and Longitude Map provides all the required information about the geographical coordinates (Latitude and Longitude).

Latitude and Longitude are basically the imaginary lines drawn over the maps that help to find out the accurate location of a place and its time zone. These two angles or geographical coordinates are measured in three units: degrees (º), minutes of arc (') and seconds of arc (").

Latitudes are the lines that run parallel to the equator and measure the north-south direction, whereas longitudes or meridians, the vertical lines running perpendicular to the latitudes measure the east-west direction. Although, there is no definite starting point for longitudes; however, the Prime Meridian or Greenwich is often considered as the 0º longitudinal line.

The Latitude and Longitude world map provides information not only about a country, but shows the accurate location of regions, districts, states, cities as well as areas. Internet maps showing latitude and longitude of world's different cities and countries also help in providing information about the time zone of a particular country.

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