African Deserts Map

African Deserts Map
Description : African Deserts map showing area or location of all the major deserts in African continent. Disclaimer

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Africa Deserts Map showing the location of all the vast deserts of Africa on map. Discover the unique features and diverse landscapes of the Sahara, Kalahari, Namib, and more. These deserts have unique ecosystems and support a diverse range of flora and fauna, as well as a rich cultural history. Despite the harsh conditions, many indigenous communities have adapted and thrived in these environments for centuries. Below is a list of Deserts in Africa.

S.N.Deserts in AfricaS.N.Deserts in Africa
1Kalahari Desert14Ténéré
2Karoo Desert15Tanezrouft
3Namib Desert16El Djouf
4Moçâmedes Desert17Djurab Desert
5Danakil Desert18Tin-Toumma Desert
6Eritrean Coastal Desert19Libyan Desert (also called Western Desert)
7Guban Desert20White Desert
8Grand Bara Desert21Eastern Desert
9Ogaden Desert22Nubian Desert
10Chalbi Desert23Bayuda Desert
11Nyiri Desert24Sinai Desert
12Lompoul Desert25Blue Deser
13Sahara Desert26Atlantic Coastal Desert