Libya Latitude and Longitude Map

Libya's latitude and longitude is 25° 00' N and 17° 00' E . Below is the map of Libya showing major towns, roads, airports with latitudes and longitudes plotted on it.
Libya Latitude and Longitude Map
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Libya is situated in between 25° 00' North latitude and 17° 00' East longitude . This latitude and longitude of Libya has placed it in between Egypt and Tunisia on the border of Mediterranean Sea and in the Northern part of Africa.

Libya 's capital Tripoli is located at 32° 54' North latitude and 20° 4' East longitude . There is another important city in Libya , named Benghazi which is situated in a slightly different latitude and longitudinal area. Benghazi's latitude and longitude is 32° 6' North and 20° 4' East.

Libya 's latitude and longitude have placed it in an unique climatic zone where as many as five different types of climate can be noticed. Though among all these the major climates are Mediterranean climate and the Sahara climate . Near the coastal areas in Libya summer season has hot days and winter weather is mild. But going towards the central part the weather is extreme.

Latitude and Longitude of Libya

Ajdabiya 30°54'N 20°04'E
Al Bayda 32°50'N 21°44'E
Al Jaghbub 29°42'N 24°38'E
Al Jawf 24°10'N 23°24'E
Al Kufrah 24°17'N 23°15'E
Al Marj 32°25'N 20°30'E
Al Qatrun 24°56'N 15°03'E
Awbari 26°46'N 12°57'E
Awjilah 29°08'N 21°07'E
Banghazi 32°11'N 20°03'E
Bardiyah 31°45'N 25°05'E
Benghazi/Banghazi 32°11'N 20°03'E
Brach 27°31'N 14°20'E
Cyrenaica 27°00'N 23°00'E
Daraj 30°10'N 10°28'E
Darnah 32°45'N 22°45'E
Fezzan 27°00'N 13°00'E
Gharyan 32°10'N 13°00'E
Ghat 24°59'N 10°11'E
Ghudamis 30°11'N 09°29'E
Giarabub/Al Jaghbub 29°42'N 24°38'E
Hun 29°02'N 16°00'E
Kufra Oasis/Al Kufrah 24°17'N 23°15'E
Marzuq 25°53'N 13°57'E
Ma'tan as Sarra 21°45'N 22°0'E
Misratah 32°24'N 15°03'E
Misurata/Misratah 32°24'N 15°03'E
Mizdah 31°30'N 13°0'E
Rebiana 24°12'N 22°10'E
Surt 31°11'N 16°39'E
Sydra G. of/Surt, Khalij 31°40'N 18°30'E
Tobruk/Tubruq 32°7'N 23°55'E
Tripoli/Tarabulus 32°49'N 13°7'E
Tubruq 32°7'N 23°55'E
Waw al Kabir 25°20'N 16°43'E
Zillah 28°30'N 17°33'E

Last Updated on: November 18th, 2017