Political Map of Asia

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Political Map of Asia
Description: Political map of Asia, showing International boundaries of all Asian countries and their capital city. Click on any county on the map to get detailed maps and information.
Political Map of Asia 2012-13

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Political Map of Asia

Asia is the largest, and the most populous continent in the world. Spread out over 17,212,000 square miles, Asia covers some 30% of the world's surface. It is home to approximately 4,164,252,000 people.

The continent of Asia is divided into 48 countries. Of these, two countries – Russia and Turkey – are located in both Asia and Europe. Even though Russia has a part of its territory in Europe, the nation is still the largest county in Asia. The other two nations with enormous territories are China and India, the second the third largest countries in Asia.

A number of water bodies surround the Asian continent. These include the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Indian Ocean to the south, on the east by the Bering Strait and the Pacific Ocean, and by the Red and Mediterranean Seas, to the southwest. Some of the prominent seas within the continent are; the Yellow Sea, South China Sea, Red Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Philippine Sea, and Sea of Okhotsk.

Asia Countries, Capitals and Currencies
NamePopulation (2016)MilesArea (km²)CapitalCurrency
Bahrain1,425,171293760ManamaBahraini Dinar
Brunei423,1962,2265,765Bandar Seri BegawanBrunei Dollar
Cambodia15,762,37069,898181,035Phnom PenhCambodian riel
China (PRC)1,403,500,3653,705,4079,596,961BeijingYuan
Cyprus1,170,1253,5729,251NicosiaCypriot Pound
East Timor (Timor Leste)1,268,6715,74314,874DiliU.S. Dollar
Egypt95,688,681390,1211,010,408CairoEgyptian pound
Georgia3,925,40526,91169,700TbilisiGeorgian lari
India1,324,171,3541,269,2193,287,263New DelhiIndian Rupee
Iraq37,202,572169,235438,317BaghdadIraqi Dinar
Israel8,191,8288,01920,770Jerusalem (Disputed)Shekel
Jordan9,455,80234,49589,342AmmanJordanian Dinar
Kuwait4,052,5846,88017,818Kuwait CityKuwaiti Dinar
Kyrgyzstan5,955,73477,202199,951BishkekKyrgyzstani Som
Lebanon6,006,6684,01510,400BeirutLebanese Pound
Malaysia31,187,265127,355329,847Kuala LumpurMalaysian Ringgit
Nepal28,982,77156,827147,181KathmanduNepalese Rupee
North Korea25,368,62046,540120,538PyongyangWon
Oman4,424,762119,499309,500MuscatRial Omani
Pakistan193,203,476307,374796,095IslamabadPakistani Rupee
Palestine4,790,7052,4026,220Ramallah (Jerusalem, claimed) 
Qatar2,569,8044,47311,586DohaQatari Riyal
Russia143,964,5136,601,66817,098,242MoscowRussian ruble
Saudi Arabia32,275,687830,0002,149,690RiyadhSaudi riyal
Singapore5,622,455269697SingaporeSingapore dollar
South Korea50,791,91938,691100,210SeoulSouth Korean won
Sri Lanka20,798,49225,33265,610Colomborupee
Syria18,430,45371,498185,180DamascusSyrian pound
Tajikistan8,734,95155,251143,100DushanbeTajikistani somoni
Thailand68,863,514198,117513,120BangkokThai baht
Turkey79,512,426302,535783,562AnkaraTurkish lira
Turkmenistan5,662,544188,456488,100AshgabatTurkmenistan manat
UAE (United Arab Emirates)9,269,61232,27883,600Abu DhabiDirham
Uzbekistan31,446,795172,742447,400TashkentUzbekistani soʻm
Vietnam94,569,072127,882331,212HanoiVietnamese dong
Yemen27,584,213203,850527,968Sana'aYemeni rial


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