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Nicargua Lat Long Map
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About latitude and longitude of Nicaragua

The latitude and longitude of Nicaragua is 13° 0' 0" N / 85° 0' 0" W. For administrative purposes Nicaragua is divided into 15 departments,
and two self governing regions or autonomous committees. The 15 departments are further sub divided into 153 municipalities. Some of the major departments of Nicaragua are - Boaco, Chinandega, Nueva Segovia, Jinotega, Chontales, Matagalpa and Managua. Nicaragua’s total area is 130,370 sq km, with a land area of 119,990 sq km and water area of 10,380 sq km.

The climate of Nicaragua is tropical and features two seasons, i.e. dry and rainy season. From January to June, it is the dry season; tress and plants begin to dry out due to the lack of rains. During the rainy season which begins after July, the rains last for short periods. In the lowlands, the temperature is generally 72° F at night and 86° F at daytime.

Location Latitude Longitude
Chontales 12°05N 85°24W
Madriz 13°29′N 86°35′W
Jinotega 13°06′N 86°00′W
Chinandega 12°37 N 87°09 W
Masaya 11° 58' 0" N 86° 6' 0" W
Estelí 13°05′00N 86°21′00″W
Boaco 12°28′N 85°40′W
Rio San Juan 11°18′35″N 84°41′48″W
Granada 11°56′N 85°57′W
Matagalpa 12° 55' 0" N 85° 55' 0" W
Carazo 11°51′N 86°12′W
Nueva Segovia 13°45′25″N 86°11′06″W
Rivas 11°26′52″N 85°34′17″W
Leon 12°26′N 86°53′W
Managua 12°8′N 86°15′W

Last Updated on: February 28, 2017

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