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California State Symbols

Designation Symbol / Emblem
Animal California Grizzly Bear (Ursus californicus) Bear in Mind: The California Grizzly at The Bancroft Library
Bird California Valley Quail (Lophortyx californica)
Colors Blue and Gold
Dance West Coast Swing Dance
Fife and Drum Band California Consolidated Drum Band
Fish California Golden Trout (Salmo agua-bonita)
Flag Flag of California.
Flower Golden Poppy (Eschsholtzia)
Folk Dance Square Dance
Fossil Sabre-Toothed Cat (Smilodon californicus) California Geological Survey*
Gemstone Blue Diamond (Benitoite) California Geological Survey*
Gold Rush
Ghost Town Bodie
Grass Purple Needlegrass (Nassella pulchra)
Historical Society California Historical Society
Insect California Dogface Butterfly (Zerene eurydice)
Marine Fish Garibaldi (Hypsypops rubicundus)
Marine Mammal California Gray Whale (Eschrichtius robustus)
Military Museum California State Military Museum and Resource Center
Mineral Mineralogic Emblem Gold California Geological Survey
Prehistoric artifact Chipped Stone Bear
Reptile Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agasizzi)
Rock Lithologic Emblem Serpentine California Geological Survey*
Soil San Joaquin Soil
Song I Love You, California lyrics by F.B. Silverwood and music by A.F. Frankenstein, published 1913
Tartan Pattern and colors based on the family tartan of John Muir, naturalist, explorer and conservationist. ( More )
Tall Ship Californian
Theater Pasadena Playhouse
Tree California Redwood (Coast Redwood: Sequoia sempervirens) and (Giant Sequoia: Sequoia gigantea). The name, Sequoia gigantea was given to the Giant Sequoia by Joseph Decaisne in 1854. Though adopted, by the California legislature as Sequoia gigantea, the Giant Sequoia was more correctly identified as Sequoiadendron giganteum by John T. Buchholz in 1939. NETSTATE thanks to J. Jenneskens for bringing this to our attention.

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