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Happiest Countries in the World

World happiness map projects the subjective well-being of people across various countries. This map is based on the happiness index of the countries.

World Map Happiness Index
Description : This World map shows the countries with highest happiness index in the world. Disclaimer

Happiness is subjective and so calculating it can be complex. Researchers have explored various possible methods to calculate patterns of happiness. They have used these measures to collect data and samples from a range of people across the globe.

World happiness map shows that Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world with a score of 8.5 followed by Denmark with a score of 8.34 followed by other countries. Happiness index shows the average happiness of people in different countries based on surveys. In the survey used for calculating this, respondents answer subjective questions on various aspects.

The global projection on subjective well-being uses a popular measure known as Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), to calculate the happiness index. This method of calculation was developed by Pavot & Diener in 1993.

World happiness index 2010
Country Happiness Index
Costa Rica 8.5
Denmark 8.34
Puerto Rico 8.32
Iceland 8.15
Switzerland 7.99
Canada 7.97
Finland 7.9
Mexico 7.87
Norway 7.82
Sweden 7.8
Panama 7.79
Australia 7.77
Ireland 7.77
Luxembourg 7.74
Colombia 7.72
Austria 7.67
Netherlands 7.65
Dominican Republic 7.59
New Zealand 7.48
Belgium 7.44

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