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Which countries have the best quality of life?

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Various studies and researchers have, in recent times, tried to compare the various countries of the world and tried to evaluate the quality of life of the residents of these countries. For this purpose, they have tried to compare countries on parameters such as economic and political stability, affordability, public education, healthcare systems, job and business opportunities, safety, individual freedom, and even environmental quality. One of the latest studies is the U.S. News & World Report Best Countries Rankings. Eighty different countries were compared with one of the key parameters studied in the course of finalizing the list of best countries is ‘Quality of Life.’

According to the ranking the following countries ranked at the top in the world going by Quality of Life of its residents:

Canada – Canada is a land of opportunities. The high standards of health care and education, quality of housing, and environment, security, personal freedom, job opportunities, and gender equality takes it right to the top of this list. Canada’s strong commitment to renewable energy keeps its pollution levels low as well.

Denmark – Denmark is a country with a number of cultural influences making it diverse and colorful. The residents are known to have a great work-life balance and the country has one of the highest capital investments in education. The Danish people pay rather high taxes but also enjoy a number of social benefits including free healthcare and education.

Sweden – The standard of living in Sweden is higher than that of most other countries in the world. Good education and focus on skills are the focus of the Swedish government. About 76% of the Swedish people between the ages of 15 and 64 have a job. Education and healthcare standards in the country are comparatively high.

Norway – The employment rates and earnings of the people of Norway is higher than that of most European countries. The government’s focus on environment, education and skills, housing, and civic issues ensures a good quality of life for its citizens. The life expectancy of most of Norway is also higher than that of most other OECD countries.

Australia – In 2015, the UN Human Development Index (HDI) of Australia was pegged at 0.935 out of a score of one. The standard of living of most Australians is better than people across the world. The life expectancy of Australians is about 82. More importantly the job opportunities and environmental quality in Australia are high.

Switzerland – Swiss cities have repeatedly ranked high on the ‘quality of life’ index of various studies. In 2017, the Mercer Quality of Living survey 2017 ranked Zurich as the second-best city by quality of living. Geneva, Basel, and Bern were among the other Swiss cities in the top 15 list. The natural environment, the living conditions, safety and security, quality of education and healthcare, and public services are among the best in the country.

Finland – A few years ago Euro-stat, the official statistics office of the EU, ranked Finland among the top 3 EU member nations going by the quality of life. Pollution is very low while cost of living and climate index rank moderate. Safety, health care, and purchasing power parity in Finland are very high improving the life of its residents.

Netherlands – The Netherlands has among the lowest unemployment and homicide rates among EU nations. It is also among the top 5 EU member nations with self-reported life satisfaction and a less than average number of school dropouts. The Quality of Life in the Netherlands has only been on the rise over the past 25 years.

New Zealand – New Zealand is a well-developed country that offers plenty of employment and trade opportunities. It also boasts of great healthcare and education systems and public services. Work life balance is very important for the New Zealanders and the environmental quality is very high. It is also among the top 3 countries for expats to live and work in.

Germany – The cost of living in Germany is lower than most EU countries but the quality of life is better as well. The exceptional focus on quality education and skills development makes it a human resources hub. The public transport services, schools, living conditions, and healthcare systems are among the best in the world.

It is worth noting here that the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland), which have strong social welfare schemes rank among the top nations going by the Quality of Life. These countries are known for their quality public health care systems, free and compulsory school education, social security schemes, and individual freedom.

The countries that scored very low on the Quality of Life index in this list include: Iran, Lebanon, Algeria, and Nigeria.

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