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Honduras Culture

Honduras is a beautiful country with nature at its lap and the natural beauty are enough to charm anybody and its located at the north central part of Central America.
Honduras Culture is similarly vibrant but unique like the country itself and its a democratic constitutional republic. The ethnic composition are of Mestizo 90%, Amerindian 7%, Black African 2 % and White 1% and the religious composition consists of Roman catholic 97% and Protestant 3%. The official language is Spanish and Amerindian dialect are even in use and education of minimum six years is necessary. The History and Culture Of Honduras started from the Mayan civilization around fifth century AD. The archipelago in the northern Honduras is also known as Bay island and its totally a distinct culture from the rest of South America Culture.

The economy of Honduras is depended on agriculture and timber and the main agricultural products comprises of beans, coffee, cotton, bananas, maize. Sugar and sorghum. Consumer goods are also produced other than the wooden products. Honduras Culture is also the outcome of large Garifuna society which are also known as Black caribs.

The Culture Of Honduras is affected by the poverty line which is almost near to 80% and this has a bad impact on the country. Family bondage is seen in the Honduras Culture and almost 15% of the population of the country lives abroad mainly in U.S.A. Women right movement is seen largely and women are constantly fighting for the right to work with the men.

Football is the choice of Honduras people and they enjoy playing the game and its affects the Honduras Culture a lot in sporty activities. Honduras national soccer team is the international team of the country and it has given some outstanding performances. Cuisine of Honduras consists of Plantains, bread, tortillas and rice and sea food like lobster and crab are also used.

Art have also influenced the Honduras Culture and they have gradually emerged in this country but due to lack of resources at times people cannot afford to buy books. Paintings are parallel excellent in accordance to the other art works and thus the Honduras Culture is awesome and unique in its own term.

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