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Gabon Africa Map

by Vishal Kumar

The map illustrates the surrounding countries with borders, 9 provinces' boundaries with their capitals, and the national capital.

Gabon Africa Map


Gabon’s Political Map vividly shows the provinces, cities, provincial capitals, and the national and international boundaries of Gabon. The country lies between Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of the Congo and covers an area of about 267,667 sq km. Some of the major cities are Mekambo, Bogonville, Bitam, Sette Carna, and Akieni. Libreville is the capital city of Gabon.

Location of Gabon

Gabon, located in Western Africa is situated between Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of the Congo. It covers an area of 267,667 sq km and falls on the geographical coordinates of 1° South and 11° 45′ East. Gabon forms the border with the Atlantic Ocean at the Equator, Bight of Biafra, and Corisco Bay. Cameroon is located to the north of Gabon. Gabon’s Political Map provides in-depth knowledge about the provinces, cities, and provincial capitals of Gabon.

Cities of Gabon

Bitam, Minvol, Mitzic, Lara, Edoume, Mazingo, Mekambo, Ekata, Mayebout, Ovan, Booue, Ndjole, Befoun, Akok, Kougouleu, Ntoum, Kango, Owndo, Foulenzem, Yeno, Ndougou, Omboue, Iguela, Sette Carna, Yombi, Fougamou, Mimongo, Mbigou, Lebamba, Malinga, Ndende, Moabi, Bounda, Mayumba, Moulengui Biza, Lastouesville, Iboundji, Pana, Pkondja, Lekila, Akieni, Mounana, Moanda, Bakoumba, Boumango, Ngouoni, Bogonville and Lekoni are some of the major cities located across Gabon. All these cities are shown on the Gabon Political Map by black dots.


Libreville is the national capital of Gabon and is located on the geographical coordinates of 0° 22′ 60″ North latitude and 9° 26′ 60″ East longitude. This place can be easily accessed from the cities and towns of Quaben, Ntchogo, Nomba, Adzebe, Lalala, Pointe Denis, and Atonda-Simba. Libreville Leon is the nearest airport to Libreville. The capital city can be easily identified on the Printable Map of Gabon by a red star.

Gabon Provinces

The provinces of Gabon along with their provincial capitals are mentioned below:

  • Woleu-Ntem: Oyem
  • Ogooue-Ivindo: makokou
  • Estuaire
  • Moyen Ogooue: Lambarene
  • Ogooue-Lolo: Koulamoutou
  • Haut-Ogooue: Franceville
  • Ngounie: Mouille
  • Ogooue-Maritime: Gentil
  • Nyanga: Tchibanga

The provincial capitals are shown on the World Map Gabon by green squares.

The national boundary is marked with a red uneven line and the international boundary is shown with a black irregular line on the Gabon Map.

Province Population: 2003-12-31 census Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Capital
Estuaire 662,028 20,740 8,008 Libreville
Haut-Ogooue 228,471 36,547 14,111 Masuku
Moyen-Ogooue 60,990 18,535 7,156 Lambarene
Ngounie 101,415 37,750 14,575 Mouila
Nyanga 50,297 21,285 8,218 Tchibanga
Ogooue-Ivindo 64,163 46,075 17,790 Makokou
Ogooue-Lolo 64,534 25,380 9,799 Koulamoutou
Ogooue-Maritime 128,774 22,890 8,838 Port-Gentil
Woleu-Ntem 157,013 38,465 14,851 Oyem
9 provinces 1,517,685 267,667 103,346

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