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Airports in Zambia

Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN), located in the capital of Zambia Lusaka is the largest airport of the country.

Airport Name Airport Code City

Zambia Airports Map

Zambia Airport Map Kasama Mansa Chipata Solwezi Chingola Lusaka Livingstone Mongu Zambezi
Description: This map locates domestic and international airports in Zambia. National and province capitals have also been marked for convenience. Disclaimer

  List of Airports in Zambia  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
SenangaSXGSenanga Airport
LukuluLXULukulu Airport
MfuweMFUMfuwe Airport
KitweKIWSouthdowns Airport
SeshekeSJQSesheke Airport
MbalaMMQMbala Airport
ChingolaCGJChingola Airport
KasompeZKPKasompe Airport
LivingstoneLVILivingstone Airport
ChipataCIPChipata Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
SolweziSLISolwezi Airport
KasamaKAAKasama Airport
MansaMNSMansa Airport
Kasaba BayZKBKasaba Bay Airport
MonguMNRMongu Airport
ZambeziBBZZambezi Airport
KalaboKLBKalabo Airport
NgomaZGMNgoma Airport
KaomaKMZKaoma Airport
LusakaLUNLusaka Airport

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