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Airports in Sudan

Khartoum airport, Wadi Hafa airport and Port Sudan airport are the major airports in Sudan.

Airport Name Airport Code City

Sudan Airports Map

Sudan Airport Map Wadi Halfa Port Sudan Atbara Kassala Khartoum El Fasher Nyala En Nahud El Obeid Malakal Wau Juba
Description: This map locates all international and domestic airports in Sudan. Disclaimer

  List of Airports in Sudan  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Wau WUUWau Airport
Wad Medani DNIWad Medani Airport
Atbara ATBAtbara Airport
Nyala UYLNyala Airport
Khartoum KRTCivil Airport
En Nahud NUDEn Nahud Airport
Kosti KSTKosti Airport
Juba JUBJuba Airport
Kassala KSLKassala Airport
Geneina EGNGeneina Airport
Dinder DNXGalegu Airport
Roseires RSSRoseires Airport
Higlieg HGIHiglieg Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
El Fasher ELFEl Fasher Airport
New Halfa NHFNew Halfa Airport
Khashm El Girba GBUKhashm El Girba Airport
Eldebba EDBEldebba Airport
Dongola DOGDongola Airport
Malakal MAKMalakal Airport
El Obeid EBDEl Obeid Airport
Gedaref GSUGedaref Airport
Wadi Halfa WHFWadi Halfa Airport
Port Sudan PZUPort Sudan Airport
Merowe MWEMerowe Airport
Ad-Dabbah AADAd Dabbah Airport

 Air Directions From Khartoum to Other Citites 

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