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Airports in Morocco

Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) is the busiest airport of Morocco, located in Province of Nouaceur.

Airport Name Airport Code City

Morocco Airports Map

Tangier Tetuan Al Hoceima Oujda Fez Rabat Casablanca Safi Marrakech Agadir Ouarzazate Tan Tan

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Description: Map shows domestic and international airports in Morocco. National capital and county seats have also been marked. Disclaimer

  List of Airports in Morocco  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Rabat RBASale Airport
Tangier TNGBoukhalef Airport
Tarfaya TFYTarfaya Airport
Kenitra NNANAF Airport
Oujda OUDLes Anglades Airport
Agadir AGAAgadir Al Massira Airport
Essaouira ESUEssaouira Airport
Casablanca CASAnfa Airport
Laayoune EUNHassan I Airport
Tan Tan TTATan Tan Airport
Ouarzazate OZZOuarzazate Airport
Marrakech RAKMenara Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Smara SMWSmara Airport
Casablanca CMNMohamed V Airport
Meknes MEKMeknes Airport
Dakhla VILDakhla Airport
Er-Rachidia ERHMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Goulimime GLNGoulimime Airport
Sidi Ifni SIISidi Ifni Airport
Tetuan TTUSania Ramel Airport
Al Hoceima AHUCharif Al Idrissi Airport
Safi SFISafi Airport
Fez FEZSais Airport
Ksar Es Souk SEKEr Errachidia Airport

Last Updated : May 02, 2014

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