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(30th June) Independence Day of Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo Independence Day is a national holiday, which is celebrated to commemorate the country's liberation from Belgium in 1960. The day is observed on June 30 every year. The people of Democratic Republic of the Congo think of it as the most important occasion in their life. Democratic Republic of the Congo was a colony of Belgium from 1908 to 1960.

There are different types of public holidays in Democratic Republic of the Congo. However, Democratic Republic of the Congo Independence Day is the most important holiday in the country. Independence Day is celebrated on June 30 and it is observed to pay tribute to the people who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the independence of their country.

It was a big day when they achieved their sovereign rights from Belgium.

Democratic Republic of the Congo Independence Day Background

The Republic of Zaire is the previous name of the present Democratic Republic of the Congo or République démocratique du Congo (in French language). The country was also known in other names such as Belgian Congo, the Congo Free State, Congo-Kinshasa, and Congo-Léopoldville. It is a sovereign country situated in the central parts of Africa, which has a brief Atlantic shoreline spanning 37 km. In terms of area, Democratic Republic of the Congo is the third biggest nation in the continent following Sudan and Algeria. It is the 12th biggest country in the world.

In 1908, the Parliament of Belgium, in spite of unwillingness in the beginning, bent over to global demands (particularly that from Great Britain) and occupied the Congo Free State in the form of a Belgian settlement from the King. Subsequently, it was known as the Belgian Congo and was governed by the nominated administration of Belgium.

In 1959, a fierce black-autonomist revolt compelled majority of the European settlers to depart the Belgian Congo. The nation achieved independence from Belgium in 1960, and in 1966, the name of Léopoldville was changed to Kinshasa and the name was derived from a rural community of the 19thcentury.

Democratic Republic of the Congo Independence Day Celebrations

Soldiers take part in march pasts, which are broadcasted on television. There are various categories of films that are particularly devoted to the Independence Day, how the Zairians struggled to achieve their fundamental rights, and lost their lives in the battle for freedom. The media and the press put loads of restrictions on the people of the country. Conventions and hostilities took place simultaneously. People gave up their lives for the freedom of their country. They didn't wish the Belgians to keep on ruling the country forever.

Every household observes this occasion in a special manner. Some households prepare non vegetarian cuisines and then make gatherings to take pleasure in eating them jointly. Others visit the memorial parks to place wreaths on the tombstones of their family members. They also arrange for festivities with their guests.

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