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Airports in Japan

Tokyo International Airport (HND) and Narita International Airport (NRT) are the two major airports in Tokyo region while Osaka International Airport (ITM) and Kansai International Airport (KIX) are other two important airports serving the Osaka region of Japan.
Airport Name Airport Code City

Japan Airports Map

Airports in Japan
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About Airports in Japan

Japan has adequate amount of both national and international airports, ensuring that the country in well connected within and with the world.

Tokyo's Narita and Osaka's Kansai airport are the two main international airports of the country. Airports in Japan can be basically classified into the following categories:
  • Class A Airports: This lists contains the main international airports of the country and at present these are 5 such airports.

  • Class B Airports: Mainly handling regional flights. Akita, Asahikawa, Chitose, Fukuoka and Hakodate are few important Class B airports.

  • Class C Airports: Operates domestic feeder flights. Aguni, Amami, Aomori, Goto-Fukue and Hachijo are few important Class C airports.

There are a number of Japan Airports. Some of these airports are domestic and some conduct international flights. Airports in Japan are located in almost all the prefectures and major cities.

Japan International Airports
Some Japan international airports have been converted into domestic airports. There are some other airports in Japan which are under construction and once those are complete they will be ready to compete with existing airports in Japan.

Japan airports are categorized as first rate, second and also third rate airports . There are five airports that can be placed in the first class. These are all international standard airports. The names of these airports are Osaka or Itami, Narita, Chubu, Kansai and Tokyo international airport. There are lots of airports in Japan that can be included in the second class of airports. These are all domestic airports. Some of these are, Akito, Yamagata, New Chitose, Matsuyama, Yamaguchi Ube Airport, Oita, Naha and lots of other airports . There are yet another group of Japan Airports that can be grouped as third rate airports of Japan. Some of these are, Izumo, Saga, Amami, Oshima, and Kobe.

There are five international Airports Japan, twenty four second class and fifty two third rate airports in Japan. Japan has ninety six airports in total. Among these sixty two airports are capable of conducting jet aircraft flights . There are only five planned airports in Japan among all these airports.

The airports that are included in the first rate airport group in Japan handles all the international flights. The second class airports in Japan are mainly for conducting domestic flights. But some of the second rate airports handle international flights also. The third rate airports in Japan are mainly located in several distant islands to keep contact with the main land of Japan.

  List of Airports in Japan  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
TokunoshimaTKNTokunoshima Airport
ToyamaTOYToyama Airport
KochiKCZKochi Airport
MatsuyamaMYJMatsuyama Airport
TokonameNGOChu Bu Centrair International Central Japan International Airport
TaramajimaTRATarama Airport
TokyoOKOYokota Afb Airport
TokushimaTKSTokushima Airport
MemanbetsuMMBMemanbetsu Airport
KobeUKBKobe Airport
ShonaiSYOShonai Airport
KumejimaUEOKumejima Airport
TokyoHNDTokyo Haneda International Airport
NishinoomoteIINNishinoomote Airport
IzumoIZOIzumo Airport
WakkanaiWKJHokkaido Airport
NiigataKIJNiigata Airport
IkiIKIIki Airport
IejimaIEJIejima Airport
Odate NoshiroONJOdate Noshiro Airport
BeppuBPUBeppu Airport
Rail (Generic)XZJOff line Point Airport
Kita KyushuKKJKita Kyushu Airport
TakamatsuTAKTakamatsu Airport
Iwo Jima VolIWOIwo Jima Airbase Airport
Hachijo JimaHACHachijo Jima Airport
HiroshimaHIJHiroshima International Airport
IwamiIWJIwami Airport
KitadaitoKTDKitadaito Airport
WajimaNTQNoto Airport
KagoshimaKOJKagoshima Airport
SapporoCTSNew Chitose Airport
OsakaKIXKansai International Airport
YamagataGAJJunmachi Airport
Miyako JimaMMYHirara Airport
HachinoheHHEHachinohe Airport
MatsumotoMMJMatsumoto Airport
HiroshimaHIWHiroshima West Airport
HanamakiHNAHanamaki Airport
Kikaiga ShimaKKXKikaiga Shima Airport
HakodateHKDHakodate Airport
KushimotoKUJKushimoto Airport
YokohamaYOKYokohama Airport
Yonaguni JimaOGNYonaguni Jima Airport
OkushiriOIROkushiri Airport
OmuraOMJOmura Airport
SendaiSDJSendai Airport
IshigakiISGIshigaki Airport
OkinawaAHANaha Air Force Base Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Okino ErabuOKEOkino Erabu Airport
ShimojishimaSHIShimojishima Airport
AguniAGJAguni Airport
YoronjimaRNJYoronjima Airport
AkitaAXTAkita Airport
OshimaOIMOshima Airport
YakushimaKUMYakushima Airport
YonagoYGJMiho Airport
KumamotoKMJKumamoto Airport
OkinawaDNAKadena AB Airport
TottoriTTJTottori Airport
RishiriRISRishiri Airport
RebunRBJRebun Airport
AmamiASJAmami Airport
KeramaKJPKerama Airport
AsahikawaAKJAsahikawa Airport
TanegashimaTNETanegashima Airport
MisawaMSJMisawa Airport
OsakaITMItami Airport
ShirahamaSHMShirahama Airport
TsushimaTSJTsushima Airport
ToyookaTJHTajima Airport
FukueFUJFukue Airport
FukuiFKJFukui Airport
FukuokaFUKFukuoka Airport
AomoriAOJAomori Airport
FukushimaFKSFukushima Airport
UbeUBJUbe Airport
SapporoOKDOkadama Airport
AtsugiNJAAtsugi NAS Airport
ObihiroOBOObihiro Airport
Miyake JimaMYEMiyake Jima Airport
SagaHSGSaga Airport
Shizuoka HonshuFSZMt Fuji Shizuoka Airport
OkayamaOKJOkayama Airport
Minami DaitoMMDMaridor Airport
Sado ShimaSDSSado Shima Airport
Marcus IslandMUSMarcus Island Airport
KomatsuKMQKomatsu Airport
Ryotsu Sado IsSDORyotsu Sado Island Airport
NiihamaIHANiihama Airport
TokyoNRTNarita International Airport
MonbetsuMBEMonbetsu Airport
MiyazakiKMIMiyazaki Airport
KyotoUKYKansai Airport
KushiroKUHKushiro Airport
HaterumaHTRHateruma Airport
OitaOITOita Airport
Oki IslandOKIOki Island Airport

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