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Airports in Turkmenistan

Ashgabat Airport (ASB) and Mary Airport are two international airports in Turkmenistan.

Airport Name Airport Code City

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Turkmenistan Airports Map

Turkmenistan Airports Map Turkmanbashi Airport Dashoguz Airport Ashgabat Airport Mary Airport Charjow Airport KAZAKHSTAN AIRPORTS UZBEKISTAN AIRPORTS AFGHANISTAN AIRPORTS IRAN AIRPORTS UZBEKISTAN AIRPORTS
Description : Map locating domestic and international airports in Turkmenistan. Disclaimer

  List of Airports in Turkmenistan  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Turkmenbashi KRWTurkmanbashi Airport
Mary MYPMary Airport
Ashgabat ASBAshgabat Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
Dashoguz TAZDashoguz Airport
Turkmenabad CRZTurkmenabad Airport

Last Updated Date: April 13, 2017