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Airports in Iran

Mehrabad International Airport (THR) is the busiest airport of Iran. It is located in the capital city of Tehran. Other airport of prominence is Mashhad International Airport in Mashhad.

Airport Name Airport Code City

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Iran Airports Map

Iran Airport Map Tabriz Urmieh Rasht Sanandaj Kermanshah Hamadan Tehran Mashad Birjand Yazd Isfahan Ahwaz Abadan Sary Shiraz Bushehr Bandar Lengeh Bandar Abbas Kerman Zahedan Chah-bahar
Description: Map showing domestic and international airports in Iran. National and provincial capitals have been marked for convenience. Disclaimer

  List of Airports in Iran  
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
TohidTEWTohid Airport
Chah-baharZBRChah Bahar Airport
SarySRYDashte Naz Airport
RashtRASRasht Airport
HesaIFHHesa Airport
KermanKERKerman Airport
GhazvinGZWGhazvin Airport
LavanLVPLavan Airport
OmidiehOMIOmidieh Airport
AssaluyehYEHPersian Gulf International Airport
KanganKNRJam Airport
Khark IslandKHKKhark Island Airport
BabolsarBBLBabolsar Airport
ParsabadPFQParsabad Airport
HamadanHDMHamadan Airport
ArdabilADUArdabil Airport
ShirazSYZShahid Dastghaib International Airport
TabrizTBZTabriz Airport
BojnordBJBBojnord Airport
SarakhsCKTSarakhs Airport
AghajariAKWAghajari Airport
Shahre-kordCQDShahre kord Airport
AraakAJKAraak Airport
DezfulDEFDezful Airport
Now ShahrNSHNow Shahr Airport
IlaamIILIlaam Airport
BahreganIAQBahregan Airport
GachsaranGCHGachsaran Airport
RafsanjanRJNRafsanjan Airport
JiroftJYRJiroft Airport
LamerdLFMLamerd Airport
ZabolACZZabol A P Airport
SabzevarAFZSabzevar Airport
YasoujYESYasouj Airport
Abu MusaAEUAbu Musa Airport
BamBXRBam Airport
CityAirport CodeAirport Name
TabasTCXTabas Airport
MashadMHDMashad Airport
SirjanSYJSirjan Airport
KermanshahKSHKermanshah Airport
Bishe-kolaBSMBishe kola Airport
AbadanABDAbadan Airport
SahandACPSahand Airport
ZahedanZAHZahedan Airport
AhwazAWZAhwaz Airport
HavadaryaHDRHavadarya Airport
Bandar LengehBDHBandar Lengeh Airport
KhoyKHYKhoy Airport
TehranIKAImam Khomeini Airport
Bandar AbbasBNDBandar Abbas Airport
ZanjanJWNZanjan Airport
KhorramabadKHDKhorramabad Airport
IsfahanIFNIsfahan International Airport
GheshmGSMGheshm Airport
BirjandXBJBirjand Airport
Bandar MahshahrMRXMahshahr Airport
Sirri IslandSXISirri Island Airport
SanandajSDGSanandaj Airport
UrmiehOMHUrmieh Airport
Kish IslandKIHKish Island Airport
BushehrBUZBushehr Airport
NojehNUJNojeh Airport
KhanehKHAKhaneh Airport
KalalehKLMKalaleh Airport
RamsarRZRRamsar Airport
YazdAZDYazd Airport
TehranTHRMehrabad Qualeh Morgeh Airport
LarLRRLar A P Airport
FasaFAZFasa Airport
GorganGBTGorgan Airport
Iran ShahrIHRIran Shahr Airport

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Last Updated : June 04, 2014

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