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Places to Visit in Iran

As one of the oldest historical and cultural countries in the Middle East (South Western Asia), Iran or Persia has charmed people all over the world with its art & culture, handicrafts, folk music, lyrical tales, and various places of tourist interest. Enjoy your vacation visiting the ancient Persian ruins of Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid), which is one of the world’s richest heritage sites. Other attractive tourist spots are Azadi Tower, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and Naqsh-e Jahan Square.

Iran is one of the best places for Eco and adventure tourism. In your leisure time, you can go canoeing at the Cave Alī Sadr, or go sightseeing the Sisangan Natural Park which also provides resort facilities, or watch wild species like brown bear, yellow deer (Iranian fallow deer), flamingo, and pelican in the protected areas in Mazandaran Province. Other natural sites of interest are Damavand Mountain, Samirom waterfall, and the Golestan National Park. Sports and adventure lovers can indulge in various exciting activities, such as bird watching, scuba diving, desert safari, and mountain biking.

Persia, as is locally known, is rich in traditional handicrafts, such as Khatam, Mina, Gilim, Negargari, and Qalamzani. Enjoy your day by strolling through the shops to buy some of the exceptional traditional handcrafted decorative items. Indulge your appetite with delicious mouth-watering Iranian dishes and snacks like Kebabs, Iranian bread rolls and baguettes, and many other traditional Persian cuisines.

Entertain your family by visiting the “Treasury of the National Jewels” Museum comprising the vast collection of the most affluent ornaments of the world. The Golestan Palace exhibits an assortment of ancient masterworks, such as pottery, stone and metal works, weapons, and music instruments. A great variety of fabulous Iranian carpets can be seen at the Carpet Museum. The Armenian Museum is a remarkable two-storied building embellished with various frescoes depicting the life of Jesus Christ, and various plaster moldings illustrating the impact of the Italian Renaissance.

Despite the fact Iran is one of the most fascinating countries to visit, the United States considers certain risks in travelling to Iran due to its existing political scenario. You must check the travel advisory before planning your tour to Iran.

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