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Airports in Bolivia

The Viru Viru International Airport (VVI) in Santa Cruz is the largest and most important airport of Bolivia. El Alto Airport in La Paz and Jorge Wilstermann Airport in Cochabamba are other major airports.

Airport Name Airport Code City

Bolivia Airports Map

Airports in Bolivia Cobija Riberalta Santa Ana San Borja Trinidad La Paz Santa Rosa Oruro Cochabamba Santa Cruz Sucre Potosi Camiri San Jose Robore Puerto Suarez Tarija
Description:This map shows all major airports in Bolivia. Disclaimer

List of Airports in Bolivia
Baures BVLBaures Airport
San Ignacio De M SNMSan Ignacio De M Airport
Santa Cruz SRZEl Trompillo Airport
Monteagudo MHWMonteagudo Airport
Apolo APBApolo Airport
Bermejo BJOBermejo Airport
Santa Ana SBLYacuma Airport
San Ignacio De Velasco SNGSan Ignacio De Velasco Airport
Santa Rosa SRBSanta Rosa Airport
Tarija TJATarija Airport
Robore RBORobore Airport
Santa Cruz VVIViru Viru International Airport
Ascension ASCAscension Airport
Yacuiba BYCYacuiba Airport
San Borja SRJCapitan G Q Guardia Airport
Oruro ORUOruro Airport
Potosi POIPotosi Airport
Vallegrande VAHVallegrande Airport
San Ramon SRDSan Ramon Airport
San Javier SJVSan Javier Airport
Cobija CIJCapitan Anibal Arab Airport
Cochabamba CBBJ Wilsterman Airport
San Joaquin SJBSan Joaquin Airport
Concepcion CEPConcepcion Airport
Sucre SREJuana Azurduy de Padilla Airport
La Paz LPBEl Alto Airport
Camiri CAMCamiri Airport
Puerto Rico PURPuerto Rico Airport
Rurrenabaque RBQRurrenabaque Airport
Reyes REYReyes Airport
Magdalena MGDMagdalena Airport
San Jose SJSSan Jose Airport
Trinidad TDDTrinidad Airport
Guayaramerin GYAGuayaramerin Airport
Villamontes VLMVillamontes Airport
Riberalta RIBGen Buech Airport
Huacaraje BVKHuacaraje Airport
San Matias MQKSan Matias Airport
Puerto Suarez PSZPuerto Suarez Airport

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