Santa Maria City Map, California

Santa Maria is situated in the central coast of California and lies in between of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.

Santa Maria is one of the modern and developed cities of California and has numerous striking things to offer to the tourists. The population of Santa Maria in 2006 was estimated to be 92,400 and the climate remains pretty mild throughout the year. It's a peaceful valley along with the growing hub of business sectors.

The city of Santa Maria is also famous for the awesome California wines. Santa Maria is well known business sector and the city provides a dynamic and prosperous area to stay and work.

The main center of attraction in Santa Maria is the Santa Barbara country and the city is growing very rapidly. Santa Maria is well known for the agricultural background along with the wine production and it provides various leisure opportunities in the country. The agricultural production of Santa Maria is the boon of its rich soil, climatic factors and abundant water supply and thus varieties of crop production takes place throughout the year.

Santa Maria in California boasts of some really good educational institutions and the UCSB in Santa Barbara and Cal Poly of San Luis Obispo are the reputed one among them. Santa Maria is one of the best business supporting cities of California. The major industries of the city include aerospace industry, high technology research and development, communications and military operations.

Santa Maria is a premiere wine producing region of California and the city offers numerous events throughout the year. The visitors will enjoy numerous attractions throughout the trip as the city of Santa Maria strikes out a complete balance between the modern and agricultural backdrop.