Airports in Norway

Airport Name Airport Code City
Map of Norway Airports
Norway Airports Map
Kjevik Airport Sandefjord Airport Moss Airport Oslo Gardermoen Airport Valdres Lufthavn Leirin Airport Haugesund Airport Bergen Airport Flesland Airport Vigra Airport Bringeland Airport Kvernberget Airport Bronnoy Airport Bodo Airport Andenes Airport Evenes Airport Bardufoss Airport Tromso langnes Airport Alta Airport Hammerfest Airport Batsfjord Airport Hoeybuktmoen Airport RUSSIA AIRPORTS FINLAND AIRPORTS SWEDEN AIRPORTS ESTONIA AIRPORTS
Description : Map showing location of domestic and international airports in Norway.
Norway Airports Map

List of Airports in Norway
Orsta-Volda HOVHovden Airport
Rost RETStolport Airport
Haugesund HAUHaugesund Airport
Tromso TOSTromso langnes Airport
Aalesund AESVigra Airport
Sandane SDNSandane Airport
Lakselv LKLBanak Airport
Longyearbyen LYRSvalbard Airport
Gol GLLKlanten Arpt Airport
Selje QFKSelje Harbour Airport
Sogndal SOGHaukasen Airport
Andenes ANXAndoya Lufthavn Andenes Airport
Kirkenes KKNHoeybuktmoen Airport
Batsfjord BJFBatsfjord Airport
Vaeroy VRYStolport Not operational Airport
Torp TRFSandefjord Airport
Mehamn MEHMehamn Airport
Mosjoen MJFKjaerstad Airport
Roervik RVKRyumsjoen Airport
Bronnoysund BNNBronnoy Airport
Trondheim TRDVarnes Airport
Notodden NTBNotodden Airport
Berlevag BVGBerlevag Airport
Roros RRSRoros Airport
Vardoe VAWVardoe Airport
Stavanger SVGSola Airport
Honningsvag HVGValan Airport
Orland OLAOrland Airport
Mo I Rana MQNMo I Rana Airport
Bardufoss BDUBardufoss Airport

Hasvik HAAHasvik Airport
Bodo BOOBodo Airport
Farsund FANLista Airport
Storen XUWStoren Railway Airport
Oslo OSLOslo Gardermoen Airport
Kristiansand KRSKjevik Airport
Storekvina XUVStorekvina Railway Airport
Sorkjosen SOJSorkjosen Airport
Rygge RYGMoss Airport
Sandnessjoen SSJStokka Airport
Harstad-narvik EVEEvenes Airport
Skien SKESkien Airport
Molde MOLAro Airport
Fagernes VDBValdres Lufthavn Leirin Airport
Kristiansund KSUKvernberget Airport
Svolvaer SVJHelle Airport
Alta ALFAlta Airport
Stord SRPStord Airport
Bergen BGOBergen Airport Flesland Airport
Stokmarknes SKNSkagen Airport
Forde FDEBringeland Airport
Hammerfest HFTHammerfest Airport
Leknes LKNLeknes Airport
Svalbard SYGSpitsberg Airport
Sandnes XKCSandnes Rail St Airport
Vadso VDSVadso Airport
Floro FROFlora Airport
Maloy QFQMaloy Harbour Airport
Hamar HMRHamar Arpt Airport
Geilo DLDDagali Airport

 Air Directions From Oslo to Other Citites 

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