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Airports in Germany

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is the major international airport of Germany, located in Frankfurt. It is the third busiest airport of Europe. Other important airports in Germany are Munich airport and Berlin Tegel airport.

Airport Name Airport Code City

Germany Airports Map

Airports in Germany Mannheim Arpt Airport Rhein main Afb Airport Dortmund Airport Nannhausen Airport Trier Fohren Airport Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport Ingolstadt manching Airport Berlin tegel Otto Lilienthal Airport Bad Ganderheim Airport Hamburg Airport Kiel Holtenau Airport Emden Airport ITALY AIRPORTS AUSTRIA AIRPORTS CZECH REPUBLIC AIRPORTS SWITZERLAND AIRPORTS FRANCE AIRPORTS LUXEMBOURG AIRPORTS BELGIUM AIRPORTS NETHERLANDS AIRPORTS DENMARK AIRPORTS SWEDEN AIRPORTS DENMARK AIRPORTS POLAND AIRPORTS
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List of Airports in Germany
CityAirport codeAirport
Kaiserslautern KLTKaiserslautern Airport
Heide-Buesum HEIHeide Buesum Airport
Helgoland HGLHelgoland Airport
Borkum BMKBorkum Airport
Hanover HAJHanover Arpt Airport
Rheindahlen GMYRheindahlen Airport
Frankfurt FRFRhein main Afb Airport
Bielefeld BFEBielefeld Airport
Hanover ZVRHanover Railway Airport
Riesa IESRiesa Airport
Schleswig-jagel WBGSchleswig jagel Airport
Sembach SEXSembach Airport
Rostock-laage RLGLaage Airport
Burg Feuerstein URDBurg Feuerstein Airport
Ingolstadt-manching IGSIngolstadt manching Airport
Baltrum Island BMRBaltrum Airport
Kassel KSFKassel Calden Airport
Peenemuende PEFPeenemuende Airport
Geilenkirchen GKEGeilenkirchen Airport
Moenchengladbach MGLMoenchen gl Dus Exp Airport
Nordholz-Spieka NDZCuxhaven Airport
Halle ZHZHalle Railway Airport
Wyk Auf Foehr OHRWyk Auf Foehr Airport
Braunschweig BWEBraunschweig Airport
Wangerooge AGEFlugplatz Airport
Erfurt ERFErfurt Airport
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden FKBKarlsruhe Baden Baden Airport
Paderborn PADPaderborn lippstadt Airport
Spangdahlem SPMSpangdahlem Airport
ZweibruckenZQWZweibruecken Airport
Westerland GWTWesterland Sylt Airport
Wildenrath WIDWildenrath Airport
Hanover ZVMMesse BF Railway Servi Airport
Straubing RBMWallmuhle Airport
Stuttgart STRStuttgart Echterdingen Airport
Eisenach EIBEisenach Airport
St Peter PSHSt Peter Airport
Leipzig-Halle LEJHalle Airport
Siegen SGESiegerland Airport
Neumuenster EUMNeumuenster Airport
Fictitious Point/AA2 ZGZGermanRail Pass Airport
Juist JUIJuist Airport
Neubrandenburg FNBNeubrandenburg Airport
LÃÆ'¼beck LBCLubeck Blankensee Airport
Aachen AAHAachen Merzbruck Airport
Norddeich NOENorddeich Airport
Kitzingen KZGKitzingen Airport
Koethen KOQKoethen Airport
Kiel KELKiel Holtenau Airport
Giebelstadt GHFGiebelstadt Airport
Hof HOQHof Airport
Wiesbaden WIEAir Base Airport
Illisheim ILHIllis Airbase Airport
Lemwerder XLWLemwerder Airport
Husum QHUHusum Airport
Rechlin REBRechlin Airport
Lahr LHABlack Forest Airport
Langeoog LGOLangeoog Airport
Bremerhaven BRVBremerhaven Airport
Flensburg FLFSchaferhaus Airport
Dusseldorf QDUStation Airport
Norden NODNorden Airport
CityAirport codeAirport
Munich AGBAugsburg Muehlhausen Airport
Munich MUCFranz Josef Strauss Airport
Oberpfaffenhofen OBFOberpfaffenhofen Airport
Wilhelmshaven WVNWilhelmshaven Airport
Norderney NRDNorderney Airport
Nurnberg NUENurnberg Airport
Barth BBHBarth Airport
Ramstein RMSRamstein Airport
Rail (Generic) XZEOff line Point Airport
Guettin GTIGuettin Airport
Schwerin SZWParchim Airport
Varrelbusch VACVarrelbusch Airport
Laarbruch LRCRAF Airport
Mannheim MHGMannheim Arpt Airport
Memmingen FMMMemmingen Allgau Airport
Bremen BREBremen Airport
Essen ESSEssen Airport
Greifswald ZGWGreifswald Railway Airport
Berlin THFTempelhof Airport
Cochstedt CSOCochstedt Airport
Dusseldorf DUSDusseldorf International Airport rhein ruhr Airport
Gotha ZGOGotha Railway Airport
Berlin BERBerlin Metropolitan Area Airport
Goerlitz ZGEGoerlitz Railway Airport
Greven North Rhine-Westphalia FMOMunster Osnabruck International Airport
Cologne CGNCologne bonn Airport
Saarbruecken SCNEnsheim Airport
Heringsdorf HDFHeringsdorf Airport
Berlin TXLBerlin tegel Otto Lilienthal Airport
Frankfurt QGVNeu Isenburg Airport
Heidelberg HDBHeidelberg Airport
Bamberg ZCDBreitenau AAF Airport
Jena ZJSJena Railway Airport
Berlin GWWRaf Gatow no longer in operation Airport
Guetersloh GUTGuetersloh Airport
Dresden DRSDresden Arpt Airport
Cottbus CBUCottbus Airport
Fuerstenfeldbruck FELFuerstenfeldbruck Airport
Cuxhaven FCNCuxhaven Nordholz Airport
Frankfurt FRAFrankfurt International rhein main Airport
Bayreuth BYUBindlacher Berg Airport
Fritzlar FRZFritzlar Airbase Airport
Friedrichshafen FDHFriedrichshafen Airport
Bitburg BBJBitburg Air Base Airport
Emden EMEEmden Airport
Weeze NRNWeeze Airport
Altenburg AOCAltenburg Nobitz Airport
Boeblingen PHMBoeblingen Airport
Cottbus ZTTCottbus Railway Stn Airport
Dortmund DTMDortmund Airport
Brueggen BGNRAF Airport
Berlin SXFBerlin Schoenefeld Airport
Dessau ZSUDessau Railway Stn Airport
Gera ZGAGera Railway Airport
Hahn HHNFrankfurt Hahn Airport
Aue ZAUSachsen Railway Stn Airport
Chemnitz ZTZChemnitz Railway Stn Airport
Hamburg HAMHamburg Airport
Hamburg XFWFinkenwerder Airport
Frankfurt/Oder ZFRFrankfurt Oder Railway Airport

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