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UK River Map

by Vishal Kumar

UK Rivers Map shows the origin and path taken by rivers flowing through the UK. Check out the river map of the United Kingdom.

UK River Map


Major Rivers in the United Kingdom

River Length (km) Length (miles) Drainage area (km²) Outflow Countries in the drainage basin UK countries in the drainage basin
River Severn 354 220 11420 Severn Estuary UK Wales, England
River Thames 346 215 12935 Thames Estuary, North Sea UK Southern England
 River Trent 298 185 10435 Trent Falls, Humber UK England
River Wye 215 134 4136 Severn Estuary UK Wales, England
River Tyne 321 200 2933 Tynemouth UK North East England
River Avon 137 85 2670 River Severn UK Midlands of England
River Tweed 156 97 3900 North Sea UK Scotland, England
River Great Ouse 230 143 3400 North Sea UK Central England
River Tay 188 117 4970 Firth of Tay UK Scotland
River Spey 172 107 3008 Moray Firth UK Scotland

Locations in the Map

Major Locations: Ullapool, Portree, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Londonderry, Isle of Man, Liverpool, Leeds, Kinson Upon Hull, Manchester, Birmingham, Fishguard, Cardiff, Norwich, London, Plymouth, Southampton, Brighton, Bover.

Oceans, Seas, River, Bays & Canals: North Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, English Channel

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