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Where is Germany

by Vishal Kumar

Germany is one of the important business centers in Europe. It consists of 16 states. Berlin is the capital of Germany.

Where is Germany Located?


The Federal Republic of Germany (German: Deutschlandkarte) is located in central Europe. This country is bordered by Netherland in the northwest, Belgium, Luxembourg Netherland and France Netherland in the west and southwest, Denmark in the north, the Czech Republic and Poland in the east, and Switzerland and Austria in the south and southeast. The country shares its coastline with the Baltic Sea in the north and the North Sea in the northwest. It has a 2389 km long coastline. Germany span over an area of 357,022 sq. km. with a 3790 km long land boundary. The country lies between 47° and 55°N latitudes and 5° and 16°E longitudes.

The terrain of Germany shows a rise in its elevation from north lowland to upland in the center and the Alps in the south. The climate of Germany varies from temperate to marine climate. Germany’s capital city Berlin situated in its northeast region is not only its largest city but is also its educational and cultural center. Berlin is home to many internationally recognized universities and research centers. Germany’s culture, art, and architecture have the flavor of its history and tradition. Economically, Germany has a strong foothold in the European continent and in the world.

What is the Capital of Germany?

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, located in the eastern region of Germany. It has an approximate population of 3.5 million. Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Berlin Television Tower, Berlin Wall, and Museum Island are a few important points of interest.

Berlin Quick facts

City : Berlin
Country : Germany
Population : 3,571,000
Longitude : 13.40
Latitude : 52.52
Elevation : 43 meters over sea level

Most Popular cities in Germany

Rank City Population
1 Berlin 3,426,354
2 Hamburg 1,739,117
3 Munich 1,260,391
4 Koeln 963,395
5 Frankfurt 650,000
6 Essen 593,085
7 Stuttgart 589,793
8 Dortmund 588,462
9 Dusseldorf 573,057
10 Bremen 546,501
Rank City Population
11 Hannover 515,140
12 Leipzig 504,971
13 Duisburg 504,358
14 Nuernberg 499,237
15 Dresden 486,854
16 Wandsbek 411,422
17 Bochum 385,729
18 Bochum-Hordel 380,000
19 Wuppertal 360,797
20 Bielefeld 331,906


Facts About Germany

Country Name Germany
Continent Europe
Capital and largest city of Germany Berlin
Area 357,168 km2 (137,847 sq mi)
Population 84.17 million
Lat Long of Germany 51 00 N and  09 00 E
Official Language of Germany German
Calling Code 49
Time Zone CET (UTC+1) Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Airports in Germany 65 Airports
Neighbor countries Poland, Austria, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Luxembourg
Internet TLD .de and .eu
Currency Euro

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