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Cities in Germany

German Cities: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart are some of the major cities of Germany. Berlin is the capital city and Frankfurt is the business center of Europe.

Germany Cities Map Berlin City Franfurt City Munich City Humburg City Hannover City Koln ( Cologne ) City Dusseldorf  City Aachen City Bamberg Dortmund City Munster City Dresden City Heidelberg City Kaiserslautern City Nurnberg City Regensburg City Stuttgart City DENMARK DENMARK DENMARK Denmark POLAND CZECH REPUBLIC AUSTRIA SWITZERLAND LIECHTENSTEIN FRANCE LUXEMBOURG BELGIUM NETHERLANDS
Description : Germany cities map depicting Germany major cities, towns, country capital and country boundary. Disclaimer

Germany (German: Deutschlandkarte) located in the central Europe is bordered by nine other European countries. Germany truly a land of thousand possibilities feels proud to have some of the world famous cities in the world.
Cities in Germany are famous for architectural splendor in form of abbeys and castles, medieval villages, wine flowing countryside and the culinary savories prepared here.

Cities in Germany include Berlin, the capital of the country and famous for its jazz concerts; Munich world renowned for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and Hamburg, the second largest city of Germany also known as the Venice of Germany.

Cities in Germany section include city maps of various cities like Frankfurt city map, Hanover city map, Leipzig city map, Stuttgart map and Berlin map. Apart from this the section also includes Germany political map, Germany mineral map, Germany location map and economy of Germany.

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Other German Cities Map

  List of Cities  
BambergDusseldorfKaiserslauternNuremberg Trier

List of Cities in Germany by Population
RankStatePop 2010Pop 2015Area km2Density Per km2State (Bundesland)
1  Berlin3,460,7253,520,0318883,899  Berlin
2  Hamburg1,786,4481,787,4087552,366  Hamburg
3  Munich1,353,1861,450,3813114,355  Bavaria
4  Cologne1,007,1191,060,5824052,486  North Rhine-Westphalia
5  Frankfurt679,664732,6882482,737  Hesse
6  Stuttgart606,588623,7382072,925  Baden-Württemberg
7  Düsseldorf588,735612,1782172,710  North Rhine-Westphalia
8  Dortmund580,444586,1812812,068  North Rhine-Westphalia
9  Essen574,635582,6242102,732  North Rhine-Westphalia
10  Leipzig522,883560,4722971,758  Saxony
11  Bremen547,340557,4643251,682  Bremen
12  Dresden523,058543,8253281,593  Saxony
13  Hanover522,686532,1632042,560  Lower Saxony
14  Nuremberg505,664509,9751862,713  Bavaria
15  Duisburg489,599491,2312332,103  North Rhine-Westphalia
16  Bochum375364,7421462,573  North Rhine-Westphalia
17  Wuppertal349,721350,0461682,077  North Rhine-Westphalia
18  Bielefeld323,270333,0902581,253  North Rhine-Westphalia
19  Bonn324,899318,8091412,301  North Rhine-Westphalia
20  Münster279,803310,039303924  North Rhine-Westphalia
21  Karlsruhe294,7613081731,699  Baden-Württemberg
22  Mannheim313,174305,7801452,160  Baden-Württemberg
23  Augsburg264,708286,3741471,803  Bavaria
24  Wiesbaden275,976276,2182041,353  Hesse
25  Gelsenkirchen257,981260,3681052,458  North Rhine-Westphalia
26  Mönchengladbach257,993259,9961701,514  North Rhine-Westphalia
27  Braunschweig248,867251,3641921,295  Lower Saxony
28  Chemnitz243,248248,6452211,101  Saxony
29  Kiel239,526246,3061192,019  Schleswig-Holstein
30  Aachen258,664245,8851611,608  North Rhine-Westphalia
31  Halle232,963236,9911351,725  Saxony-Anhalt
32  Magdeburg231,549235,7232011,152  Saxony-Anhalt
33  Freiburg224,191226,3931531,465  Baden-Württemberg
34  Krefeld235,076225,1441381,707  North Rhine-Westphalia
35  Lübeck210,232216,253214981  Schleswig-Holstein
36  Oberhausen212,945210,934772,762  North Rhine-Westphalia
37  Erfurt204,994210,118269762  Thuringia
38  Mainz199,237209,779982,038  Rhineland-Palatinate
39  Rostock202,735206,0111811,118  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
40  Kassel195,530197,9841071,831  Hesse
41  Hagen188,526189,0441601,176  North Rhine-Westphalia
42  Hamm181,783179,397226803  North Rhine-Westphalia
43  Saarbrücken175,7411781671,052  Saarland
44  Mülheim an der Ruhr167,344169,278911,833  North Rhine-Westphalia
45  Potsdam156,906167,745188891  Brandenburg
46  Ludwigshafen am Rhein164,177164,718782,117  Rhineland-Palatinate
47  Oldenburg162,173163,8301031,575  Lower Saxony
48  Leverkusen160,772163,487792,038  North Rhine-Westphalia
49  Osnabrück164,119162,4031201,370  Lower Saxony
50  Solingen159,927158,726901,786  North Rhine-Westphalia

Numbers of Cities and Towns in the German States:
Bavaria 317 towns and cities
Baden-Württemberg 313 towns and cities
North Rhine-Westphalia 271 towns and cities
Hesse 191 towns and cities
Saxony 170 towns and cities
Lower Saxony 158 towns and cities
Rhineland-Palatinate 128 towns and cities
Thuringia 126 towns and cities
Brandenburg 113 towns and cities
Saxony-Anhalt 104 towns and cities
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 84 towns and cities, see list
Schleswig-Holstein 63 towns and cities
Saarland 17 towns and cities
Bremen 2 cities
Berlin 1 city
Hamburg 1 city

Städte in Deutschland
Stadtplan BerlinStadtplan GelsenkirchenStadtplan Leipzig
Stadtplan BremenStadtplan HamburgStadtplan Munchen
Stadtplan BremerhavenStadtplan HannoverStadtplan Nurnberg
Stadtplan DortmundStadtplan KaiserslauternStadtplan Stuttgart
Stadtplan FrankfurtStadtplan Koln

Last Updated Date: October 11, 2016

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