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Where is Crimea

by Vishal Kumar

Where is Crimea located: Crimea, a peninsula, is a part of Ukraine and is located on the northern coast of the black sea . The coordinates are 44.9333° N, 34.0999° E

Where is Crimea Located?

Ukraine Russia Standoff – Latest Update

  • Russian Attack on Yavoriv Military Base
  • Renowned US journalist Brent Renaud was killed when Russian troops opened fire on a car
  • Ukraine Accuses Russia of using Banned Phosphorus Munitions
  • Jake Sullivan Warns China to Avoid Helping Russia

Here are some important maps related to Ukraine-Russia War Crisis:

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Coordinates 44.9333° N, 34.0999° E
Founded Oct 18, 1921
Location Located on the northern coast of the Black Sea
Country Ukraine
Capital of Crimea Simferopol
Administrative divisions of Crimea Crimea is subdivided into 25 regions: 14 raions (districts) and 11 city municipalities
Official language Ukrainian
Ethnic groups 58.32% Russians, 24.32% Ukrainians, 12.10% Crimean Tatars
Government Autonomous republic
Area 26,100 km2
Population 1,973,185
Currency Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Time zone EET (UTC+2), in Summer; EEST (UTC+3)
Calling code 380

Where is Crimea located?

The Crimean Peninsula is located in the Black Sea, narrowly attached to the Ukrainian mainland. It has a strategic eastern boundary that almost touches Russia.

Why is Crimea important to Ukraine and Russia?

Crimea region is an autonomous part of Ukraine but has a majority people of Russian dissent. It is also strategically located as it almost touches Russia in the east. Crimea is the location of Sevastopol, the Russian naval fleet in the Black Sea. In 2010, Russia and Ukraine signed a treaty that would extend Russian naval presence until 2042

What is the historical significance of Crimea in Russian history?

Crimea has been part of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and now Ukraine, but before that, it belonged to the Crimean Tatars, descendants of Genghis Khan.

How has Crimea become part of Ukraine?

In 1954 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gave the peninsula as a gift to Ukraine. Crimea became part of Ukraine, but as an autonomous part of the country.

Crimean War

During 1853-56 the Crimean Peninsula witnessed the Crimean War which was fought between Russia and the alliance of Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire. In this war, Russia lost. The war came to an end in 1856 with the Treaty of Paris.

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