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MapsofWorld is a one-of-its-kind portal that has a staggering collection of maps and informative content on every imaginable aspect of 200+ countries.

As a recognized source of freely downloadable and high quality world maps and country maps, the portal gets over 5.5 million unique visitors, 10.5 million page views, and over 135 million ad impressions every month.

One of the most popular websites in the US, MapsofWorld is also a one-stop destination for global users. Available in all major foreign languages, the portal also maximizes its reach by churning out map-driven infographics, newsletters and content on close to 1000 different themes.

Advertising with MapsofWorld places you ahead of your competitors when it comes to reaching out to a worldwide audience.

Type of Ads:
  • CPM- Cost per 1000 impressions
  • CPC- Cost per click
  • CPS- Cost per search
  • Fixed inventory
  • Sponsored listings

Standard inventory sizes: 728*90, 300*250, 160*600, 120*600

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